The Drummer’s Perspective

The stage is set the lights are low
And through the doors we’re hearing
A deejay that calls out our name
And roar of the crowd cheering

And we’ll run up to play soon as
Our roadies and our tech
Can sep’rate our guitarist’s hands
From round our singer’s neck

The feud started so long ago
So far back I can’t trace
And no one can recall why it
Started in the first place

Some say it due to who would ride
Shotgun on the tour bus
While others claim a preference
For chipped ice over crushed

But wives were slept with, lawyers called
Contracts drawn up again
And tempered flared as bowls were left
With just brown M&Ms

Itch powder poured in leather pants
Fist fight in Indiana
And concealed details that would strand
Our singer in Montana

Concerts that degenerate
To nothing but feedback
Guitarist drowns the vocals out
With his Marshall stack

Then hospital bills pile up
Doctor’s would be behooved
To learn procedures where drumsticks
Are surgically removed

And though music’s a healthy way
To take out one’s aggressions
Don’t think they meant a bass guitar
Should be a deadly weapon

But that is how the story ends
With grief and with confusion
And though I mourn deep down I’m glad
There won’t be a reunion.


53 thoughts on “The Drummer’s Perspective

    • Ha! So true! I actually started this whole line of thinking after reading some quotes from the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) and then just got into the whole thing. The Davies brothers were mentioned, also Van Halen…The Eagles…

      • Me too but while I was trying to get inspiration for this one I read about how much Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker from Cream hated each other, even before forming a band. They would try to outplay and outblast each other on stage. That’s where I got the bit about the Marshall stack.

      • I would think not, and it’s funny because they were all such phenomenal musicians, you would think that would be important to them. I hear they are all still bitter about hearing loss which they attribute to those days.

      • Now they are blaming each other for hearing loss?! Isn’t that a sign of gross immaturity when someone is forever finding other people responsible for the things that go wrong in their lives? Sheesh.

  1. I’m no Keith Moon nor Phil Collins,
    No John Bonham nor Dave Lombardo,
    No Ginger Baker nor Buddy Rich,
    I’m not the star, just call me Ringo.

    Now I know what you’re thinking,
    And you’re thinking I don’t know,
    That I could have done better
    But I’m not the star, just call me Ringo.

    While I was parked in the rear
    Of John, Paul and George’s glow
    At least I wasn’t Pete Best
    For I wasn’t the star, just call me Ringo

    Who could be luckier than me,
    I was nothing but a regular joe,
    I was the luckiest s.o.b.
    I wasn’t the star, just call me Ringo.

    You may bemoan my drummer’s place
    But my job brought me a lot of dough
    And I got Barbara Bach to boot
    Don’t you envy me, just call me Ringo.

  2. Very nice Marissa! I couldn’t believe that some bands stayed together for so long while a few members didn’t speak with each other for so long.
    And that video, OMG! It’s like: “I always dreamed of doing that so I did it!!” 🙂

  3. Ego and who gets top billing creates problems and jealousy, I assume. Of course the drummer is the underdog. But the one who provides the beat (I love the percussion section!) is needed! Often during solos, the drummer gers a standing “O.” Marissa, I was happy to hear your Mom ♡ Ringo.

    • Drummers are often overlooked, it’s true. Plus, they have to deal with all their gear. Of the ones I have known, many of them have very controlling personalities. I think because they hold down the beat they see themselves as the leader of the band but just end up in the background. Others, of course, are very nice and the ones that have a good attitude can end up getting far in music.

      • I am always glad when you share some “Inside scoop” since you have lived this life and know many musicians. Now I know a bit on the subject. Thanks, Marissa.

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