Door Girl

The power lies in me alone
As you can only hope
To revel in debauchery
Beyond the velvet ropes

But I will pass on you my dear
Your dress is not my taste
And don’t think you will get past just
‘Cause of your pretty face

A seven foot albino goddess
Fully decked in drag
A man in a potato sack
Girl in a plastic bag

Clever, understated but
I don’t see half the toil
As the man there saran wrapped
And girl who is tin foiled

And you who brought the boa well
I’m clearly bored to tears
You see it’s all been done to death
It’s just so Britney Spears

And there’s this couple over here
Who clearly carved the niche
Leather G strings whips and chains
Him crawling on a leash

And though we are familiar with
Your special kind of love
We’d rather not our clientele
Think we’re that kind of club

And you are not clean shaven
And you should have a beard
And you’re just not different enough
And you’re just way too weird

But you in jeans and T-shirt there
Not getting quite the take
On precisely the statement
That you’re trying to make

In any case it’s hip it’s now
It’s all a bit laconic
Simple, subtle and perhaps
A tiny bit ironic

So I’ll concede to let you in
Well imagine your luck
You’ve passed with flying colors now
Admission’s fifty bucks.


62 thoughts on “Door Girl

    • Oh yeah, well all part of the point of course but also reminded me a bit of these things, like many of the offers my kids get in music where you have to go through some sort of rigorous admissions process and then still pay big bucks for the program.

  1. Oh I don’t know, Marissa, I’d rather be sleeping! I’d probably get passed anyways. You won’t let me in. I just don’t cut it. If I laugh my heart out, would you let me in?

      • No, just thought that she would be kind of like the b**** at the door, maybe with a few bouncers behind them. I’ve heard the term door wh*** before used to describe this position but I think other people have different connotations for that term. Also, maybe too offensive, but I was considering titling the blog that (Door Wh***, that is).

      • Ah yes! A lot would probably think that and find the title offensive. But from the character’s description, yes it would be apt! 🙂 But of course, it would be offensive! Not wholesome.

  2. A particularly well written piece young Marissa – I’m seeing a lyric here; guessing, ‘And you are not clean shaven, And you should have a beard
    And you’re just not different enough, And you’re just way too weird’ is the chorus?

    • To say the least. This was actually inspired by some documentary footage I saw from the old Studio 54 where people would camp out forever and the owner stood at the door. I saw him telling one guy he might as well just go home because he wasn’t clean shaven.

  3. I heard that Studio 54 was quite the freak show. I wonder what Max’s Kansas City or CBGB’s was like during their heyday.

    • I am too young for Max’s. I used to go to CBGBs a lot but I think it was a bit past the heyday although I did see a lot of bands there before they made it really big. I remember seeing The Goo Goo Dolls and Hole and Helmet played there a lot too. I know CBs was much more about dressing down then dressing up and they also did a lot of hardcore matinees which were pretty down and dirty. I think Max’s was a little more glam, like NY Dolls crowd. (We played CBs quite a few times). Studio 54 was more disco, of course.

  4. I like to think I’m hip and with it
    But I’ve Never been to a club that declined me for not wearing enough rivets
    The difference between swanky and skanky
    Is a mystery to me
    I usually get into clubs on the swag of my awesome goatee

  5. Clever girl you are, Marissa. Reading this brought smiles to my face and a deep gratitude that I don’t follow fashions dressing in anything I want. To stand in line for a store? No way. Anyways, this poem just flowed effortlessly and I just enjoyed the rhythm to it. Great job, my friend. You continue to amaze me. ❤

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