Lost! Sense of Humor: Reward, No Questions Asked

I lost my sense of humor I
Don’t know where she could be
Some say they saw her ride uptown
On the Bronx bound D

She looks a little bit like an
Annoying Jewish mom
She wears a floral house dress with
Some Groucho glasses on

Making jokes about the sweat
That’s coming from her bosom
And serving peanut brittle snakes
Or using whoopee cushions

If that’s stuff’s even funny cause
You see it is unclear
I’ve lost my sense of humor so
I just have no idea

She may be at the Improv where
She’ll probably endeavor
To perform what may just be
The worst comedy ever

The crowd may throw some rotten fruit
And heckle for a while
They’ll drag her off stage with a cane
Old school Gong Show style

But that’s for those who don’t realize
That she is only joking
For many think it just may be
My sense of humor’s broken

And yes, she may be off sometimes
And her joke’s not so hot
I guess that’s my tough luck since she’s
The only one I got

But ever since she’s gone away
I feel depressed and blue
And in this sorry state there is
No telling what I’ll do

I might decide to preach that not
Recycling’s a sin
I might write a deep love song
I might vote Republican

Or dump this stupid blog and write
About all things political
Or try to process humor by
Getting all analytical

And if you bring her back to me
They’ll be no questions asked
And I’ll write verses with the wit
That this one clearly lacks

This was part of some sort of challenge to use a quote as a prompt for a poem. Thank you to Jason Preu at Devious Bloggery for nominating me. My quote is:

I think we’re losing our sense of humor instead of being able to relax and laugh at ourselves. I don’t care whether it’s ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or whose ox is being gored.

-Betty White

sense of humor

72 thoughts on “Lost! Sense of Humor: Reward, No Questions Asked

  1. I hope your SOH is back safely soon. Political correctness is a modern curse devised by people with no SOH and a charisma bypass. I watched a very old rerun of a British TV prog last night. It was ‘celebrating’ VJ Day. This immensely popular show contained the line ‘the fuzzy-wuzzies don’t like it up ’em Captain Mainwaring. I doubt if that would get past the censor today. Shame.

    • So they are out to get us!! This just makes me think that my sense of humor is probably being held in a dark dungeon by incredibly PC people. I’ll probably be getting a ransom letter soon.

  2. The Brits are known for their dry humor, and they can get away with a lot that the US never could.
    This poem was definitely fun! But I have been told I lack a sense of humor, so what do I know.

  3. This could very well be my favorite thing you’ve written. Yet. I say “yet” cuz you always top yourself. However not to be paranoid but are you certain your humor is just lost and not kidnapped? You always crack me up and I’m so envious of your ease in doing so that if you’d turn your back on me, I’d swipe your wit in a heartbeat. Security cameras next time!

  4. Oh I don’t think you lost your humor. I’ve always imagined you as one of those who can tell a joke with a straight face. And the rest listening (like me) laughs out loud.

    • You know, not to toot my own horn, but I am actually a bit like that. I don’t know if you ever saw the show Welcome Back Kotter. I used to watch it a lot and I loved it. Anyway, I don’t really remember the plot of this particular episode but there was a guy on the show once who kept saying “I’m laughing on the inside. Where it counts.” and of course with a very straight face. Even after all these years, that line stays with me.

  5. I agree with Andrew. PC is indeed a modern curse. However, I suspect that I never have to worry about you being a practitioner of PC. 😀

  6. Any verse that mentions the Gong Show and follows itself up with a comment talking about Welcome Back Kotter is A+ in my book, Marissa. There has been no loss here at all….you’ve definitely still got it!

    • I was wondering how many people would actually get the Gong Show reference. I see that our taste in television also bears a lot in common! Do you ever watch America’s Got Talent? I think it’s the Gong Show all over again, minus many of it’s charms.

      • I have watched BGT in the past, but no, not AGT at all. But you’re right….it really is just an updated version (minus the actual gong of course)…never thought of that before!

  7. PLEASE! Don’t even pretend that you’d dump this blog. I don’t make it over as often I’d like…but, I’d sure miss you if you were gone. I think your sense of humor is awesome and I imagine her rocking a vintage T with great curves and a wicked awesome smile 🙂

  8. Oh dear!!! I really feel bad for you if you did loose your sense of humor. There is no greater joy then laughing especially laughing at some of the things I do. LOL Great poem, Marissa!!! ❤

      • I agree, Marissa. No one it seems even has a smile on his or her face anymore. Most of them have their eyes glued to their cellphones. I should talk. I have my eyes so much of the time in WP, yet I really DO SMILE. As I am now!!! 🙂

      • One would HOPE, Marissa. GRIN. I know I learn a LOT on here and the network of friends I have made is amazing, which I just treasure!!! Really!!! ❤

  9. Okay, poor Ethel resembles Betty White with her pajama and Groucho Marx nose, so I know this is not YOU in disguise. Glad you used Betty’s quote since that is one long lasting, amazing and funny lady, Marissa.
    Were you the artist? I loved this Missing poster and do see this is a floral house dress and not p.j.’s 🙂
    Also happy this had lots of chuckles and you have not been struck with “singing the Blues,” Marissa.
    I wish I had arrived sooner so I could say I used to like the Gong Show first. I will settle for second!

    • Yes, I drew that poster. There were actually a couple of computer images that portrayed a lost sense of humor but I thought no one could really capture what my sense of humor would look like like I could so there is goes. I’m glad you liked it.
      I’m glad to hear you liked the Gong Show Robin…first, second, last, who cares?? Join the club!!

      • Yes, I often think that homemade pictures of even photos would be the way to go with the blog illustrations. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time but I find your comment encouraging!

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