Cutting My Split Ends (Welcome Home Sanitarium)

Goodbye my loves, goodbye my friends
I’ll be here cutting my split ends
Sitting hiding from the world
Cutting nasties from my curls

Cause it all just seems cathartic
Bit erotic and hypnotic
As they lie there in a heap
Which the girl will never sweep

And though I like to see them fall
Don’t think I’ll ever get them all


74 thoughts on “Cutting My Split Ends (Welcome Home Sanitarium)

  1. Marissa, I found this quite amusing! The photo was a perfect inspiration for this poem. Your words made sense out of this bizarre chipping or snipping away at her hair.
    I have had baby fine hair all my life but there are good products on the market, trying to keep it. My Mom has balding areas and I hope not to have this happen!!

    • Oh goodness! Fortunately I have a lot of hair but I do notice it sheds more than it used to. I used Fall Fight by Garnier Nutrisse just as a preventative measure and noticed a lot less in the drain while I was using it and then they stopped making it! And it wasn’t any more expensive than their other shampoos so it was really a great product. It may be available online.

      Anyway, there I am off on a tangent with my beauty tips of the day!! I’m glad you liked the poem Robin!

      • I always appreciate beauty tips and will keeep a look out for a similar product! I rather envy your bounty of hair. It looks lovely and now that I am being honest, wished I had had a sister to trim my split ends. That simple gesture, mutually beneficial, warms my heart, Marissa.

      • Yes, very sweet. Yes, really had to share that one because it really did work and wasn’t at all expensive. I wonder why they always seem to take the best products off the market.

      • I will have to home after I watch my oldest daughter’s two sons. My.youngest natural products daughter gave me a neat but strange one which conditions. It has an orange-y, coconut scent. I’ll let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • you are making me rethink over my hair-length now… dad being fro army never let me have hairs any longer then what remains beyond comb though ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Yes, my brother in law was in the army and also seems to always have his boys sporting crew cuts. Personally, I’ve always liked long hair on most men and also think it’s really cute on boys.

      • isn’t it…? how i carve to sport long hair now…till now it was my dad and now the work, official dress code prohibits one having long hairs, tattoos and all…sigh*

      • Where are you again? Sorry if I should have known that. I don’t think anyone can prohibit long hair and tattoos in America. Are you in America? In any case, if a place of business decided they didn’t want to hire anyone with tattoos they would severely limit their choices of potential employees.

      • Oh, that’s interesting but makes sense. I always like to hear about how things are in other cultures. Tattoos are so much the norm here now, I’m beginning to feel a bit counterculture not having one, ha, ha!

      • same here, it is always wonderful to know about other cultures… well, that is being unique, to knot to have one where everyone else has– that sort of odd one out moment ^ ^

  2. This is a new look at “cutting” as a disorder. I have a child who spends endless hours snipping these ends (to a means?) with nail clippers. It is a Sisyphean act. Fun and witty verse.

  3. I know when my comb hits snags it is time for me to go to my hairdresser. LOL I have better things to take care of then split ends. I used to obsessed about them …. now? I don’t even think about them. (((HUGS))) Amy โค

    • Yes, I’m the same!! It’s funny how many people commented and said that they used to obsess about their split ends. When I was younger and used to do so, I was ashamed to admit it to anyone. Now that I’m writing about it, it seems like there wasn’t too much to be ashamed of.

      • LOL Funny how life is at times. When we look back at a time that we really didn’t tell anyone about from out of fear or shame or thinking we were just plain silly and others would laugh at us, well, in so doing (in the looking back … did I loose you with this LONG sentence? LOL) it all just seems so trivial. Now if we can adopt an attitude of nothing is no big deal, well, gee, we’ll all have hearts of a kid again. Wouldn’t that be grand? โค

  4. The second stanza stands out … I was thinking of tragedies and how in many of them the heroines or female characters cut their long hair, as a sign which could be related to death, Guilt, regret, even madness! … Love and best wishes, dear Marissa. Aquileana ๐ŸŽ‡

  5. Hi Marissa, Hugo Naturals Volumizing Conditioner “for all hair types” Vanilla and Sweet Orange, 12 fl. oz. Made in the USA. Chatsworth, CA 91311.
    I just started using this but I thought the all natural ingredients and scent are really nice. Finally got home in time to head off to bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You see yours is the very first blog I have turned now that my brain has healed and I have returned (sadly not by popular demand)…you make a small pile of hair more romantic than my toe nail clippings I must say!

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