Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan

I hoped they wouldn’t notice but
My friends suspicions roused
They ask me why I never let them
Come play at my house
It looks as if I may have to
Invite them to my home
And pray dad doesn’t greet then when
He’s wearing his black robe

The coast is clear they wonder what
The worry on my face meant
When suddenly a chanting starts
To rise up from the basement
Why can’t I be a normal kid
It’s so much less complex
To say I think it’s just my mom
And father having sex

And before I know it they
Are running to explore
And follow the odd noises that
Are coming from the floor
And soon they find my parents
In their favorite recreation
Conjuring up spirits in
An evil incantation

And daddy says “oh visitors
Well isn’t that just nice?”
I hope he doesn’t think them virgins
To be sacrificed
But mom ignores my gestures and
She sports an evil grin her
Mouth waters as she says “We’re happy
To have you for dinner!”

I fear they will accept her offer
And agree to stay
Do they not know she means to have them
As the main entree?
I’m just about to tell them run
But briefly I think twice
A break from eye of newt and toe
Of frog would sure be nice

But I take hold my senses as
This can go on no more
And soon my frightened friends take off
They’re running for the door
My mother says “I guess I just
Don’t get your generation”
And that’s what life is like when mom
And daddy worship Satan.

After I wrote this poem, I read it to my husband thinking he might be amused by it. Instead, he was offended that I portrayed Satanists in a stereotypical light. So, I guess the time has come when the world has gotten so PC that it is even possible to offend Satanists…and somehow I’ve managed to do so. I have to say, I’m kind of proud. On the other hand, if you are a particularly PC Satanist who has just gotten through reading this poem, I hope you have a sense of humor.


58 thoughts on “Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan

    • Yes, according to my husband, they are trying to lose that stereotype which portrays them as people who perform human sacrifices on a regular basis. Guess they are really just fun loving hedonists!

  1. I’m sitting quietly at the airport waiting for my flight when I read this post. I burst out in a hearty belly laugh and immediately at least a dozen heads turned in my direction.


    No Satanists were harmed in the making of this poem!

  2. How funny… one ever thinks of the children who grow up in a household like this and still manage to have their own ideas that don’t agree with their parents’. Interesting perspective again. You seem to have a real knack for that.

    • I often think about how rebellious my friends and I were as children and I wonder how my kids could possibly beat that. I guess this just takes that thought process one step further. Thanks Torrie!

  3. Reminds me of something I did about twenty years ago. I was a lot braver and stupider too than I am now. I have matured a bit. Two Jehovah Witnesses knocked on my door. I invited them in. (I was bored and needed some entertainment since my tv was on the fritz.) I listened to their spill. Finally I said, “Gee, your church sounds almost as nice as mine. I’ll tell you what. I will go to church with you if you do just one thing.”

    They responded with a big smile on their faces. “What?”

    “I will go to your church if you will go to mine. Mine meets next Tuesday night. It’s a full moon. So come at midnight. And bring a chicken.”

    I don’t understand why they left so fast. I thought it was a good offer.

  4. OK, Marissa, only you would have “balls” enough (excuse the expression LOL) to post a poem about Satanists. I was a bit uncomfortable, truth be told, but I read it all the way to the end. I prefer to focus on the “light” and what not, but that again that is me. I am beginning to appreciate the darker aspect of Life through your poems. This is a good thing, believe me!! LOL Love, Amy โค

    • Yes, well, you know, I was brought up with a cynical sense of humor not to mention a love of rock and roll/heavy metal music where evil and satanism is a recurring theme so it’s natural for me to be fascinated by these kind of things, but never to the point where I would want to harm or offend anyone. I’ve also grown a thick skin and adopted a policy where I feel that as long as I’m expressing things with a sense of humor, people will see there is no harm meant. I’m glad you have come to see that Amy, and I appreciate the honesty of your comment.

      • I know no other way then to be honest, Marissa. I really enjoyed this poem. Through your eyes and words I am experiencing subjects that I normally don’t even give a second thought to. I am so wrapped around flowers, hehehehehe, that sometimes it is a good thing I take a look at other things. ๐Ÿ™‚ I embrace you fully for who you are. That is what Love is. And I think you know me by now that when I do express my thoughts to you, they are honest. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

  5. I was laughing about friends visiting and how explanation was they were having sex. Less embarrassing to have this “normal” activity than satanic incantations!!
    Now I know, “satanists” may have thinner skins than I would presume and can be rubbed th wrong way.

  6. I shall copy and paste this onto parchment and pin it on the wall of the gents in the Stonehenge visitors area…I’ll sign it in your name and provide address and telephone number of course!

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