Roller Skating Man

Oh I never will forget that day
I saw you at the Moonlight Rollerway
You were probably 6 foot 7 or 8
But 6 foot 10 when you put on your skates
Bet you didn’t even break a sweat
When you did plies or pirouettes
And who but you could ever make a spin
Look so impressively masculine

Now the lights are beginning to fall
And they’re bustin out the disco ball
Babe do you know how you make me feel
Looking like a John Travolta on wheels
And in the meantime I’ll have to dream
Some day we’ll dance to Abba’s Dancing Queen
And until then I’ll just have to wait
Till we can do the couple’s backwards skate

And you know that I would be delighted
If my love for you was just requited
But for now I guess I’ll never know
Seeing you play Red Light, Green Light Go
Look at me, you know I’m just a hot mess
Oh my god was that an arabesque?
And as I’m staring at your animal grace
My wheels they slip and I fall on my face

This was written after a recent trip to a roller skating rink (after God knows how many years). I saw a guy there who resembled a 7 ft. tall Dave Grohl on wheels perform roller skate ballet in the center of the rink. These words are meant to be just as wonderfully cheesy as everything about that afternoon was.


66 thoughts on “Roller Skating Man

    • This was the first time I took my daughter and her first time roller skating at all. She managed to go from wall hugging to creeping along. I think that’s a pretty good effort, probably because she scooters a lot. Yes, I’m sure I’ll miss her when she goes off to wherever she goes off too as well.

      • Yeah I would definitely say that it’s a great effort to go to creeping along for the first time. Alas, I never learned to skate which is a shame because I think rollerblading would be a fun fitness pursuit.

  1. Hah! Marissa, you mean you didn’t get video of you on skates?
    Wonder what it is about super tall men and skating……is a weird phenomenon!

    • I really should have! I actually went to the roller skating rink for a playdate, my daughter and a friend who goes to the place often. The playdate’s mother was there and said he’s been there every time she was.

      • Sounds like a serial skater! Playdates….oh I remember those… much more fun than teen scene where we’re basically left out of everything! Am now official work taxi……blah.

      • Ha! Serial skater…like my Bitchin Kitchen post…cereal dater!!
        Yes, I wait for the day when I’m left out of everything. My son is almost 13 and already doesn’t like it if I kiss him goodbye in front of his friends but other than that, not too bad. I think the girls are worse though.

      • Hah. And you get to experience both sides…..won’t be long. Ugh.

        Forgot about that cereal dater……I think I’m learning!

      • Bum pillow a must! Used to have one when I was learning to figure skate. But the last time I ice-skated, I nearly crashed into someone! Thought it’d be like biking where it all comes back to you even after a while. Unfortunately for me, I felt like a beginner again!

      • Hmmm….the roller skating came back to me which I was concerned about because I don’t ever remember how much skating I actually did as a kid. Seem to remember a lot of standing around and gossiping while on skates more than actually skating! Maybe ice skating is different? Did a bit of that too but certainly no figure skating.

      • Standing around and gossiping! Especially seeing guys you like too! At least that’s what I used to do. Rating and guy- watching!

      • Oh yeah! We were pretty young at the time but I remember there was a guy who lived across the street who used to undress in front of his window…just his shirt…and me and my sister used to look and laugh and he would smile at us. Then my mother found out…

  2. I can barely walk across a flat surface. Skating in front of someone like that sounds like a nightmare to me. And to the people that I would fall on. 😀 As always, I love your humor.

    • Thank you! I used to roller skate some when I was a child although I think my experience was mostly just standing around in roller skates and gossiping with my sister. It must have been a bit more involved than that because, wonder of wonders, I actually glided across the rink. Braking was a bit more difficult though. Thank goodness for the padded wall.

  3. I liked the effect of someone (tall, dark and handsome, smooth as he looks) who was being overly dramatic, that you played this well into your description and reactions. Hoping the pratfall was only in your imagination, ha ha! 🙂

    • It was funny Robin! The thing was, he just looked like the most unlikely guy who would ever be on roller skates, much less doing roller ballet. And then the fact he was so tall but pulling off these ballerina moves…well I just could not resist writing about him!

      • I think you described him so well that I pictured a male Giselle. This is an animal and a female model so of course spell check put it in caps 🙂

      • Oh shoot, Marissa I meant to ask you if you saw the 1000 band players (drum sets, guitars and musicians singing) trying to entice the Foo Fighters to come do a concert, I believe in Australia. They did a fantastic job all set up in a huge field. Our Columbus newscasters showed them on Friday evening news.

  4. This is awesome! I’m so curious about the jumbo Dave Grohl now. I just want a further peek inside his life. Besides him, your post brought back so many wonderful memories. Between the ages of 5-13, I spent almost every Friday night at the roller rink. I couldn’t wait until I got old enough to do the “couple skate”, and when I was, it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Pure magic…Xanadu style. 😍

    • I know! He was really odd. You just would never think he was the type to roller skate much less do roller ballet. Someone should definitely interview him to find out what goes on his mind. I was there with my daughter’s friend and her mother and the mother said she sees him every time she goes there.

      I used to roller skate a lot but not so much at roller rinks and never did the backwards skate nor can I. Kudos to you Kim!

      • I’m sure you’ve got one up on me. You know, when I found out I was going, I googled a bit just to keep me from making a fool out of myself and I saw some directions on backwards skating. Wouldn’t dare try it though!

  5. I would not have stopped staring, Marissa. I LOVE ballet in any form. I have MISSED you so much. I know I did not reply to your last comment …. I just couldn’t do it. I read what you wrote and it meant so much to me. Thank you. As for this post, I LOVE it. You, go!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Oh, it’s okay Amy! I totally understand. I assure you that this ballet was like none other you may have seen, and perhaps not the most graceful due mostly to his size, and yet, in some ways it was (graceful, that is). Anyway, I really hope you recover from this traumatic time you’ve been having. Much love!

      • I am recovering, slowly, my friend. Now what I need is to have camera time to immerse me in my world of magic. I managed to get out of the house to shoot some magic which you just saw over at Petals, only having one hour or so to do so. I want to return to this creek to go further upstream to see what else I can find. As for this post, you’ve really outdone yourself AGAIN!!! GRIN!!! It feels just SO good to talk to you. I have MISSED YOU!!!! ❤

      • Ha, be careful! Sounds like you risked life and limb for this shot but maybe it was worth it, not just for our eyes, but to help get you out of your funk! Looking forward to seeing more when you are ready!

      • I am planning on returning to this creek and go further upstream. This time though I will only have my camera with lens attached and my tripod. No back pack to make things easier for me. 🙂 ❤

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