My Bitchin’ Kitchen

The pickles are fickle
The almonds are nuts
The shellfish are selfish
The turkey’s cold cut

The artichoke’s heartless
The cake is a flake
Bologna’s a phony
The ham’s always baked

The apple pie’s tarty
Lasagna is cheesy
The prune is a prude
The eggs are too easy

The bacon is taken
The veggies are steamed
And don’t get me started
On the sour cream

And so my heart’s broken
By my ‘frigerator
I guess you could call me
A cereal dater.


87 thoughts on “My Bitchin’ Kitchen

  1. At least you have food in yours. My fridge is nearly empty, save for some condiments, due to 3 always eating growing boys.

    • I’ve been noticing my grocery bills getting more and more expensive but always try to stock up on the weekends to avoid midweek runs. Still, there always seems to be something I forgot.

  2. Ecstatic for the fun times had in your kitchen which truly is a ‘bitchin’ one. I would like the breakfast for dinner with ice cream on the cereal, like your comments section, too. This poem was a fantastic one for imagery, Marissa. It makes me want to try and draw it. . . πŸ™‚

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