A Day In The Life

A boring Monday looms ahead
You curse your boss, the bastard
But this can be alleviated
With a tab of acid

Dissolve some in your morning brew
And that which you’re complaining
Turns to what you can’t deny
Is much more entertaining

Edith greets me at the door
In her usual place
But today her glasses seem
To melt right off her face

I hurry to my cubicle
My mouth tired from grinning
A distant though a distinct sound
Of my telephone ringing

Lights and numbers morph and trail
Like some elegant dancer
Can’t say how long I stared before
I thought it best to answer

But to decipher who or what
A task I found confounding
Until the poor girl nearly screamed
“It’s Janet from accounting!!!”

I knew not why she called, some silly
Numbers she was needing
But by the end I do believe
We found out life’s true meaning

And after that what happened well
I can not say for sure
Some say I spent the day barefoot
Just rolling round the floor

Others say bets were taken on
Who would emerge the winner
After a valiant battle fought
I waged against the printer

I went home thought about my day
And with great trepidation
On what I ended up submitting
For that presentation

For what may have come out of me
I’ve really not an inkling
Turns out the client really liked
My out of the box thinking

73 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. I’m still reading in a Brooklyn accent by the way…seems to work for me…although not so all those years ago when a gal put acid in my pint and only told me after the event! Shocking business, unlike your verse which was, as ever a pleasure to read!

    • Oh yes, it’s been rough because they moved my office to Van Nuys and also extended my hours, so now I’m getting out at 2:30 whereas it used to be 1:30. Still, I would love to see you. Tuesdays are best for me during the week, so I can try for next Tuesday if you’re free. If not, maybe a weekend?

      • Oh, yes so sorry you are still dealing with that. I remember reading your post from when your daughter first started losing her sight.
        Well, let me know what opens up in your schedule and we’ll make something work.

  2. Edith greets me at the door
    In her usual place
    But today her glasses seem
    To melt right off her face

    This was my fave part! Why do things always seem to “melt” when you’re on acid? Listen to me talking like I know – – the only time I’ve come close is that time I had heartburn and took anti-acid. A really fun work here!

  3. Lights and numbers morph and trail
    Like some elegant dancer
    Can’t say how long I stared before
    I thought it best to answer

    …. I’m afraid of the phone at the best of times …

    Not your typical day at the office πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, me too! Never knows what lies on the other end. As a matter of fact, my bosses are all Israeli as are many of our clients so they are difficult to understand on the best of days. Spiked coffee would do me in for sure!

      • No one ever calls to give you good news … like say, congratulations! you’ve won the lottery.
        If the phone rings it’s because someone wants to sell you something or wants you to do something for them.
        It’s an obnoxious little piece of technology if you ask me.

      • Oh for sure! I try to acknowledge the good as well as the bad personally, but when the bad happens, that’s when you pick up the phone…although nowadays emails help you deal with stuff like that in a less confrontational way.

  4. Such a great turn of phrases. I did think about the Beatles in their possibly drug induced “Yellow Submarine.” How the face of secretary melted and the phone numbers and letters morphed truly sounded like a little acid really was dropped, Marissa. Glad it ended with successful thinking outside the box. All’s well that ends well. πŸ™‚

      • I know you were and was just teasing, ha ha, we know you are a responsible mother and wife, plus blogger…. musician and writer, too.
        You would not be able to even type, as I imagine acid would make your mind try to jump off chairs, throw computer or try to juggle it,. . . My brother the artist once slashed a great painting he had done, along with throwing a chair out the window, while it was closed. This is possibly my only time I will admit my brother had drugs in his system. . . I will use for myself, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. πŸ™‚

      • Your/his secret is safe with me. Too bad it had a violent effect. I’m not an advocate for drug use, but if they are used responsibly and they are not highly addictive, they can lead to very creative moments.

    • Okay, well thanks for letting me know. Tuesday is the best weekday for me so if we can make another Tuesday work, that would be good. If weekends are better for you though, let me know. May be able to squeeze an hour while my kids are at their rock school.

      • Okay, well let’s aim for another Tuesday. Unfortunately Tuesday won’t be good for me since my kids are going to a camp in Hollywood and you can only imagine the traffic on getting them home. Maybe the 11th? I know it’s a while off so let’s just keep it open as a possibility and we can confirm (or not..) when it gets closer, as long as it might work for you.

  5. That was hilarious, Marissa. With my loose threads of sanity holding me together with coffee in the morning and bourbon at night, a hit of acid at work would probably result in an amber alert for my mind. The rest of me probably wouldn’t get much done. I think I understand, I am the walrus coo coo kuh-choo

    • Well something is working in you that’s making you come up with all those incredible stories. I’m thinking there may be some flashbacks at work…of the best kind, of course.

      • Oh yes. Flashbacks. I forgot about them. I was desperate to blame all that on my muse. Maybe, I hastened to judgement too soon.

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