A Blessing In Disguise

The author would write feverishly
Behind doors tightly shut
Until a tragic accident
A fatal paper cut

Which nicked a major artery
And silenced thoughts and pen
And such a shame this happened
Between volumes 9 and 10

Which disappointed readers so
For those who did take tally
Would know that 10 would culminate
In the series finale

So his family thought real hard
‘Bout his final request
To have the series brought unto
An end upon his death

But greed did fill their thoughts and jailbait
Wife easily swayed
The minds of kin who never really
Liked him anyway

And so it was the pen bestowed
In hands of Cousin Kevin
Who finished chapter 10 and then
Went on to write 11.

Who thought it best the mom die by
Spontaneous combustion
And had grandma fall victim to
An alien abduction

And made a Frankenstein robot
A silent deadly killer
Which could be fine if this was not
A suspense mystery thriller

And in attempts to lure fans of
Romantic comedy
The two main characters hook up
In chapters two and three

And sales did dwindle drastically
And contracts they were dropped
And bad reviews flowed rampantly
All publications stopped

The author he rolled over in
His grave, looked on in grief
But if he just could breath a sigh
It’d be one of relief

For he did doubt his tired lines
Would fool his truest reader
The truth was he’d had no clue how
To end the damn thing either.

This post is dedicated to Randstein.Β We can only hope he makes it out of his series alive.


71 thoughts on “A Blessing In Disguise

  1. Loved it! The thought had occurred to me that maybe the person who wrote chapter 11 was none other than Nigel Tufnel. After all, the book went all the way to 11. πŸ˜€

  2. LOL! Your in my head! πŸ™‚ I think you captured my flumadiddle approach to story telling with such laser focused accuracy, I’d swear you’ve read some of my work. The thing that makes me most curious is the improbable notion that others may also suffer from this affliction. The complete likeness to my writing life not withstanding, this was an anthem to the challenge of writing and accurately describes some of the dynasties that continue to publish new works long after the author has gone on to the great copy room in the sky.

    • Oh, the great copy room in the sky, I like that! Yes, you know, I used to have a policy not to being anything until I knew how it was going to end but now I find myself often flying by the seat of my pants, and it was so funny how we were having that ‘conversation’ just after I wrote this. Sorry my dedication wasn’t a bit more fantastic but I thought that if I said to much I would be straddling the line of morbidity!

      • LOL! All that was needed was your delightful poem. It resonates to my silly willy-nilly wee dragon fantasy master core. The dedication line just made my day, possibly my week πŸ™‚ I think if I flew any other way but by the seat of my pants, I would sail right into a brick wall upside down while looking at the instruments. It’s so much more fun to fly by ones seat with a clutching posterior. πŸ™‚

      • You are the Empress of Rhyme, you get it right every time. And who are we to guess, when it is the Empress of Rhyme who knows best. Uh-Oh! What have I just done?

    • Thank you. And funny enough, I wrote this one with no idea how I would end it until I wrote most of it. Then pondered for a while thinking I would just have to throw the whole thing out and BAM!! Whew…that was a close one!

      • Hah. So definitely not a made-up story then…closer to real life than you intended!

  3. Aside from being the most splendid read I rather liked the way you caused me to read with a Bronx accent following the rhyming of ‘tally’ and ‘finale’. So there you have me talking New York style inside my head!

    • Brooklyn, Mike, it’s Brooklyn…although I really don’t get too many people commenting nowadays so I suppose it’s all rather generic after being in CA for so long. When I first got here, they used to call my sister and I two Nannies after that show with Fran Drescher, and I’m guessing there’s a strong possibility you’ve never heard of the show or the actress.

      • Never heard of it (the actress or the show) yet verse in an almost alien tongue I know from TV is an absolute treasure! By the way I have always loved the way Bob Dylan could put a word at the end of a four line verse that had no right to match that which ended the second line…a maestro!

      • Don’t you find music is going through a bland spell…some amazing talent out there…too much if the truth be told…I know it gets harder as the mathematics of putting ‘notes’ together to form a tune is not infinite yet what about the lyrics! Also all those street busking fine musicians left counting pennies in a hat when these awful TV shows for the untalented morons hold sway with the general public…loving music as I do it fairly breaks ones heart!

      • Oh yes, for sure. Maybe the Cheese Bergens will change the world with our wonderful if slightly formulaic music! Ha, just kidding, but better your son…or mine!

      • True! I believe your son by the look of the lad enjoys performing live…mine has given that up along with networking etc. and says he’s now only in it for the ‘art’! He’s composed, mixed some cracking electronic stuff of late which I understand is/will be any minute on YouTube…if I recall he’s working on some simple animations presently to go with the music!

      • Oh nice. Well, I can hardly say I blame him. It’s a racket out there. With all this technology and new ways of getting your music heard, there are ways to be successful without performing, although maybe he doesn’t care either way.

      • I believe he cares…what is his alternative! Feel sorry for the lad…a first class uni degree and employment experts telling him to leave it off his CV because it’s putting employers off! By the way he is entranced with Foster the People…Mark whatever his name is. He reckons the man is a looping genious whatever one of those is!

  4. Well prick my finger and watch me die
    I would say anyone who writes everyday goes through hell and back to put the words together
    Just as you to make them rhyme
    Marissa as usual you had it work
    You are the Mad Woman of Rhyme

    • The nice thing about poems is that they tend to be shorter so I don’t think there is any fear of me leaving too much of a work unfinished…except the rock opera that I plan to start on when I’m 80.

  5. I am sure there are plenty of ‘spinning authors’ around and I’m sure they would all laugh at this. Your writing reminds me of a book I had as a child – Ruthless rhymes for heartless homes. I loved it.

  6. A laugh out loud ending! Perfect. I was wondering where you were going to pull out the blessing-in-disguise πŸ™‚
    Dying seemed like a pretty dramatic way to deal with writer’s block though. Probably not generally recommended πŸ™‚

  7. I, at first, thought you were writing about George R. R. Martin. I am not so sure he will ever finish his epic, A Song of Ice and Fire. I don’t think he will ever finish the thing.

  8. This was such a “fun ride” visualizing the different book editions with characters having all kinds of things happen to them like a soap opera with charters ending up on bed together. And greedy heirs and even jailbait wife. If I were the roaring laugh kind of person this would have got me going, Marissa!

      • Never!! I make so few comments, the ones I leave are sincere. During my strange break it was often that I would wonder what wonderful concoctions you were messing with. I needed my Marissa fix!! I’m glad I have it now πŸ™‚
        But yeah, it was close to infomercial time…

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