For Patricia

A deja vu, a feeling hits
And I am taken to
The city’s past which lies outside
My kitchen window’s view

With streets that seemed to call my name
And beckoned to me nightly
When it appeared the stars did shine
Just a bit more brightly

“Let’s meet up at midnight down
at Hollywood and Vine
And drive in dad’s convertible
To the Hollywood sign”

And I remember starlet’s glow
And still smell their perfume
As they floated princess like
Into my living room

So different and yet so much like
The life they led on stage
As I would play a background role
Hollywood’s Golden Age

And I remember tears were cried
And I remember death
And the words that they’d speak to
The girl behind the desk

And I remember stories told
In passages I’ve written
But I can’t for my life recall
Why I came in the kitchen

This poem was written for Patricia Brown at The English Professor at Large, by request, inspired by her latest post I Forgot. Those who are familiar with Patricia’s blog will know this is meant to be written in the first person, from her perspective.


70 thoughts on “For Patricia

  1. How cool is this? Patricia will feel completely honoured! Well-done, Marissa……I think I’m jealous now! 🙂

    • Yeah, well I don’t think she’s seen it yet so… Ha, ha! Oh well, whatever can provide great inspiration! I think you once gave me a prompt to go from day to day but each day would be a cliff hanger and I tried to put it in a poem and just couldn’t get it to work. Not all prompts work for me but this one did. Really as simple as that.

  2. When I read the poem I thought it was different to the ones I am used from you. You did wonderful in leaning on to Patricia’s style. That poem showed the many different facets of the glamour world. Very well written, Marissa. Lots of pictures appeared in front of my eyes while reading and also the emotions could be felt.

    • Thank you Mike. The end was made to be funny though not sure how many picked up on it. Probably your tooth prevents you from having much humor either way, especially seeing how Shirley went and murdered the dentist. I was trying to tell her, have him do the surgery…then murder him!!!

    • I never actually got that close to the Hollywood sign. Ever since I’ve been living in L.A., it’s been closed to the public. There was some kind of prank made on some semi-famous guy in one of these glam rock bands that were so popular here in L.A. where they tied him to the Hollywood sign and left him there over night.

  3. I’m with Torrie … how cool is this?!

    I had to read it twice … first time not k owing where it was going and the second time knowing it was The Professor. You captured her beautifully 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing the link to Patricia’s poem “I Forgot.” The last line makes wonderful sense now after reading all the comments also. She even mentioned “memories of some glorious results of my misspent youth.” Hmm!

  5. Lovely Marissa. The last line especially reminded me of a joke where a woman is standing on the stairs and doesn’t remember whether she was going up or coming down😉😉 Lovely

  6. Marissa, I loved this poem. What a beautiful and eloquent lady! I was just thinking the other day about my trip to L.A. years ago when I was driving around there wondering about the old days. I’ve always been a fan of vintage Hollywood. The books of Raymond Chandler are set there, particularly Little Sister (I’m not familiar with them all) which just happens to be on my Kindle App ready to read. And for the ending….Alas memory, I know about that one.

    • Yes, old Hollywood, The Golden Age and all that, it just seems like such a mysterious and magical time, and Patricia lived through all of it which makes her and her blog so fascinating.

  7. I was struck by this stanza:
    And I remember starlet’s glow
    And still smell their perfume
    As they floated princess like
    Into my living room

    It made me wonder. Did you or did you not have smellavision?

    • Ha! Well actually Don, if you read Patricia’s blog she actually knew a lot of these starlets so I was kind of trying to bridge the gap between what was on the Big Screen and reality…but hey, why not ? Smellevision it is!!

  8. I love that you can write something so wonderful for someone else. It “felt” older than you. Older by the time period I mean. I love that she actually knew these starlets. Now I have to go read hers….

    • Oh yes, Patricia is definitely quite an interesting person and living here you really just get a glimpse of what it once was like so it’s really fascinating to hear it all through the voice of someone who lived through it.

  9. I had to read Patricia’s blog in order to get the context. So glad your post let me discover this dynamic woman! It all came together after reading a few of her posts. Well done! Now, why did I come to this blog, and where are my car keys?

  10. Dear Patricia, I hope the beautiful starlets with princess images will appear with ghostly assistance and point out what you went into the kitchen to get. 🙂
    Your memories are blessings from your real experiences and by sharing them with us (like those words I treasured about a famous “hero” I looked up to: Eddie Albert. You confirmed my feelings for him, along with my being able to tell my mom your stories.) Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you took the time out to read Patricia’s blog and leave a note for her here. I hope she comes by to see it. She hasn’t been yet today, but even if she doesn’t see it, it is still worth it to me for the lovely inspiration!

      • You definitely wrote a great poem here with class and beauty included. I caught the fun inserted in the poke at Patricia’s memory.
        Marissa, I have read and commented on The English Professor at Large for awhile. The story about Eddie Albert being her family’s friend always remains as my favorite. For my Mom, who had told me of her crush on the smooth, debonair (younger) actor and memories for me, of his funny (as an older gentleman) comedy, “Green Acres.” 🙂 I loved Eva Gabor and that farmer with the silly pig!

    • Yes, like perhaps looking through a kitchen window?? Or maybe then forgetting what the hell you were even doing in the kitchen?? Told you to go easy on the booze! Ha, ha! Glad you liked it.

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