Thank You, Good Night

We’ve been playing music now
For twenty years or more
Rocked a milliion faces as
We headed out on tour

But when old Steve was windmilling
He went and broke a hip
As they wheeled him off the stage
He said “It’s time to quit”

Then we sat and reflected on
The years that had gone by
And thought we could do one more tour
We’d aptly name “Goodbye”

And Stevie he would windmill too
But this time with more caution
And we’d put tickets up for sale
That cost fans a small fortune

With the event’s magnanity
All witnesses would bask
In music’s event of the year
The tour to be our last

And tears were shed and songs were sung
We wore our wigs, hid fat
And then with sadness and relief
We knew that that was that

And for a few years quiet reigned
With each fall, spring and summer
Until one day the doorbell rang
And standing there our drummer

And those fateful three words came out
“Retirement’s a bore”
And that’s exactly what we would
Be calling our next tour

And though a valiant effort made
In each show that went past
Our age apparent so we knew
This tour would be our last

Until our bass player showed up
Looking pretty crummy
And asked if we could do one more
Cause he needed the money

So then followed the Farewell Tour
And then the Farewell 2
The Ciao For Now and The Peace Out
Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

The Smell You Later Alligator
Then The Thank You, Good Night
The Last Tour We Swear To God
And On Our Mother’s Life

Now we’re out here playing clubs
An audience of two
And that includes the lighting guy
And the cleaning crew

We strike signature poses but
Look like we soon will drop
Our fan are holding posters high
That say things like “please stop”

And now we’re on The Absolutely
Positive Last Tour
Although We Aren’t Absolutely
Positively Sure

This poem was inspired by a book of the same name by Andy Abramowitz.

Below is footage from Kiss’ final tour of 2000, another one that didn’t stick.


58 thoughts on “Thank You, Good Night

  1. They must have at least another 2 tours in em. Fantastic band. What can I say the oldies are the bestโ˜บ

    • Oh gosh…that is really good!! I think I may have to use that one as inspiration. Do you know that song ‘We’re An American Band’ by Grand Funk Railroad? They have that line ‘Sweet, sweet Connie turned her act
      Had the whole show and that’s a natural fact’
      Well Sweet Connie is a real person and I saw some kind of documentary of her from not too long ago. She’s still at it and targets young musicians at that, when she can. It seems some still give her a go…maybe just to pay homage.

      • In my book false teeth and a walking stick means ‘no’ not even if I was being paid…still being an icon I suppose to some…well. As to Grand Funk Railroad I haven’t heard that name for many a long year…I remember their music like yesterday…surprising really because in those ‘yesterday’s’ I have no right to remember anything!

      • Well, just thought I’d take a gander of what could possibly go on in the mind of Mike Steeden. BTW, is that correct use of the word gander? I always thought it could mean something like guess but couldn’t find any such online definition!!

      • A ‘gander’ means to look at something…generally the phrase is, ‘cop a gander’. i.e. two workman up on the scaffolding as a pretty girl walks by…”Oi Stan cop a gander at that!” See British workman being inadvertently sexist!

  2. Kiss simply rocks!!! Once musician, always musician! Do you like/know The Scorpions? I’ll be posting a song tomorrow… no, not “Wind of change”.

    • Yes, well I love Paul but have been noticing his voice is wearing thin after all these years. Fortunately, I don’t think he is among those who publicly announced a last tour and then came back again and again!!

      • Hah. I love Paul too but yes…I guess you’re right…he didn’t announce a last tour, we just keep hoping he will. I really don’t like things to lose their appeal….much better to remember them in their glory days, you know? Anyway, still a great verse from you….I guess I got a little off track in my original comment. Sorry…..senior brain over here.

      • Yeah, Torrie, you know, I was trying to guess exactly what you meant there so I just kind of threw everything in. It’s okay though, it’s hard to come up with comments all the time!!

      • Marissa, I feel like it’s so banal to just say, “Wow, you have so much talent!” or “Love this verse!” every single day, but those truly are my very first thoughts. Guess I’ll just go back to being boring.

      • Oh, yeah, I totally get it. Sometimes it just takes everything to say anything but ‘great post’, but the reality is, I might really enjoy a post and just have nothing further to offer. Any comments are appreciated here.

  3. I have to say Oldies but Goodies…I absolutely hate the music of today: rap and hip hop. I have to say age-smage, I’ll bet there are 20 somethings that can’t keep up with Madonna and Cher. I also just watched a video where Taylor Swift performed with Def Leppard and I have to say that DL looked pretty darn good too, but yes a final tour maybe should be. .final.

    • Oh yeah, absolutely. Really, this wasn’t meant to really be a commentary on rock stars performing well beyond an age they ever imagined….and I do have mixed feelings on that…but really this was just about those bands who say ‘this is our last tour’ and then they come back again… and again… and again…

      • Oh yeah, you know I read this book which was not quite on this subject, but it did inspire it so I went to research and found an article from Rolling Stone that reviewed 10 final tours that didn’t stick. Cher was on the list.

  4. It is so hard to leave something that is in one’s blood, Marissa. Absolutely, positively happy I read this knowing it won’t be your last one! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yes, absolutely! And it’s not like I’m not sympathetic, but there’s something about saying good bye and not sticking to it that makes you wish they would keep their word! Lol

    • Thank you! Yes, there is quite a lot of them too. You know, as research for this one, I read a Rolling Stones article which listed 10 of them and there were definitely more I could think of.

    • Yeah, it kind of amazes me how these rock stars walk around and just kind of see no problem with doing that to the fans because they really cash in on these tours and then they keep going as if it never happened!!

  5. I saw The Who’s Farewell Tour in 1982, Marissa. or was it ’79? ’83? Damn, I love their song ‘We Won’t Get Fooled Again.’ Great poem, my friend. So so lifelike.

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