So, over the weekend, I heard news that two of my acquaintances started dating. The woman in the relationship has a son from a previous marriage. I wrote this poem in honor of this new relationship, although it is just my cynical view of what might happen.

After writing the poem, it occurred to me that it might do well converted into a song, kind of a Ramones-ish type of thing; so when my family got some studio time, that’s exactly what I decided to do. So without further ado here is:

Anjelica Bergen: drums and backing vocals
Jesse Bergen: lead vocals
Ides Bergen: guitar
Marissa Bergen: bass and backing vocals

We don’t have a name yet but I’m thinking Double Cheese Bergens…or Bacon Double Cheese Bergens….

When I met you I knew you were the one
You were so hot and a lot of fun
‘Til that day when I held you close
You said there’s something that you gotta know
You told me we would never part
But there was someone who shared you heart
Next thing you know I was looking at
Your snot nosed little brat

I love you but your kid is a brat
I love you but your kid is a brat
Don’t know if I can put up with that
That snot nosed little brat

I’m not gonna ask you to choose
But he puts Lego pieces in my shoes
You think he don’t know cause he’s really young
But when you turn ’round he sticks out his tongue
Under my pillow case I found some snot
I’m pretty sure that he threw out my pot
And I wonder if it would be so bad
If he just went to live with his dad


Now babe I just want to give you a kiss
He choose that time to throw a fit
All too often but you are convinced
That’s it’s just a big coincidence
You say we should just give it some time
Then everything will work out fine
Cause he just needs to get used to me
But in the meantime my beer tastes like pee.


88 thoughts on “Brat

    • Always so nice when you pop up Sparrow! Hope you and the Space Monkeys are doing well. I will take that as a ringing endorsement for our band name. My husband is having a tough time with it but I think it’s brilliant!

      • Did you know that when travelling to France from England via the Eurotunnel train service (basically drive on; drive off at the other end – not relevant but thought you might like to know – there is a sign at the check specifically warning us Brits to be sure we have no ‘ferrets’ in our cars! Always leaves me in a state of confusion for a couple of days when I see that.

      • Wow! I’m stumped. Is that a thing? You know, right when i left NY, it seemed to be becoming a trend that a lot of the punk rockers were having them as pets. Turns out they’re not a friendly lot…and quite difficult to walk as well.

      • It was in the County of Yorkshire that the ‘ferret down the trousers’ competition was invented! The winner is the one who can keep his ferret down his trousers the longest!

  1. Love Tom’s comment, “The Punk Partridges.” Neat to see your family enjoy a musical moment together. Anjelica, on drums, is a wonder!

  2. Just when I think you have no more WOWs up your sleeve, you pull out another one … complete with a soundtrack and a full family ensemble! You – and all the Bergens – rock.

  3. Your son did a great job on his vocals and you did a fantastic job on your writing the lyrics. Anjelica was marvelous on her drums and hubby playing guitar with you: Priceless!
    They made me laugh out loud and nearly blow snot out of my nose, Marissa!
    Your family is truly exciting to me and I wish I could have a musical family instead of artists who clutter up my walls and shelves. Just kidding, daughter, Carrie and brother, Randy!!

    • Well, on the other hand, none of us can draw our way out of a wet paper bag!! Honestly, Robin, it’s wonderful to be able to surround yourself with artists…of any kind! Thank you so much for your recognition of each of us. I will have to pass that on to the fam!

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  5. Oh, yeah yeah yeah. My neck hurts a bit after watching the video, Marissa. My buzzed cut hair doesn’t quite do it justice, but I was keeping up with the Bacon Double Cheese Bergens at my head-banging best! Love your band and your verse. Ha! Joey would have loved it.

  6. That has to be a lot of fun to play and sing together. Could you hear me screaming, “You Rock,” and holding up my bic lighter?

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