I Lost My Muse In Vegas

I lost my muse in Vegas
Don’t know where she did go
I searched all up and down the Strip
I asked in casinos

They say they saw her up on stage
Just round 10:30
Performing at the Caesar’s show
With Donny and Marie

Then someone said at midnight
They saw a pretty clear
Image of her bungie jumping
Off the Stratosphere

They spotted her at 2 A.M.
At Mandalay Bay
They say she was dressed all in white
And throwing a bouquet

By 4 she’d put a grand on red
And really got her groove on
An hour later walked away
On the arm of Wayne Newton

And after that the trail goes cold
Her whereabouts are vague
But I know she will come home soon
Her tail between her legs

And when I do catch up with her
I’m going to be mad
Owed to the escort service charge
That she put on my tab

Along with the massages
The drinks and the tattoos
And Nikki Does Nevada
Which she got on Pay Per View

And so if you do see her
Let me know immediately
How dare the little minx to have
A better time than me.