What’s A Girl To Do?

I really wish this guy would leave
He’s talking way too loud
Soon I’m thinking that I might
Just go and kick him out

I’m getting sick of hearing him
And looking at his face
He walks around with attitude
You’d think he owns the place

I’m working on a masterpiece
But all I get’s frustration
He keeps asking me questions and
It ruins concentration

A furrowed brow a curled up lip
A glow’ring evil glint
Oblivious it seems that he
Just doesn’t get the hint

And what more am I gonna do
It seems I’m at a loss
In instances like these what is it
you say to your boss?


81 thoughts on “What’s A Girl To Do?

  1. I swear, as I’m responding to this post, that my co-worker will not stop talking about what she ate over the weekend. Seriously. Soooooo annoying….

    • Yes, sorry, I feel your pain. Fortunately, I am the only one who works in this office and I am often alone but I think it makes it worse when my bosses just kind of plant themselves in here for long periods of time. My tolerance is just not what it used to be!

  2. Smile! And smile some more!
    I’d be thinking of your post – (especially the knife) constantly. And I think that’ll surely make me smile πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  3. I can definitely relate…it’s especially irritating when a group of office people are with the boss and talking loudly in your space! I’m the quiet type so it doesn’t take much to annoy me anyway, lol….

    • Yeah, same here. Usually Im the only one in the office so I really resent it when someone invades my space for too long. Also my bosses are Israeli so they talk loud naturally and if they have friends in there and they’re all talking Hebrew, it’s really tough!

  4. No idea what you should say…..I’d probably just get busy somewhere else or start talking about things I knew made him nuts. Did like the idea of asking about that raise…….

    • Actually, my bosses are pretty nice guys. It’s just that I’m used to working alone and I think I just lost my tolerance for having someone in the office for more than a few minutes keeping me from doing my thing.

  5. Oh my goodness, Marissa! I was prepared for murder of a husband but laughing since maybe 2 x in my life I may have daydreamer this same scenario. I did not like my boss, he (one time) and she (one time) who irritated the ‘sh–‘ out of me. πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, I think bosses have the misfortune of being not well liked. I guess that’s part of what makes them bosses. Mine are not too bad and I still managed to write this!

  6. I hate being disrupted from my schedule. Especially, in the morning. I drink coffee and I get shit set up for the day. Any deviance from that regimen fucks up my day. Respect the routine!

  7. Oh the pain! I sense it in this poem. I discovered fermented Asian radish and copious amounts of garlic in a tightly sealed container works wonders for clearing a room. Just, ask if they mind if you snack while they yammer and unscrew the lid. Poof! Gone! It works better than flatulence, which can have serious unintended consequences. πŸ™‚

      • I fear I’m a little too unconventional. If you need a break use the keyboard shortcut STFU. You may have to type it twice, but it usually works on me.

  8. I can relate, it happens to me not with a boss, but a neighbour who thinks he owns the place, and asking too many questions and trying and hoping to borrow things like laptop, bike etc.

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