Did you tell you mom you thought
Her make up was terrific
Write your boyfriend’s name in hearts
In Roman hieroglyphics

Ask them if they thought it was
A sin against the Torah
If you had strange feelings back in
Sodom and Gomorrah

Draw rainbows with a thin reed pen
‘Til it ran out of ink
Request your tunic belted and
In shades of deepest pink

Did you go down to the beach
Most every single night
Say how your folks don’t get you to
The hip Israelites

Ask why your voice was getting deep
And your chest so hairy
Cause you look more like a Joseph but
Identified as Mary

Think of all the tactful ways
With upmost etiquette
To come out of a closet that’s
Not been invented yet

You curse the weight you had to bear
Because it’s plain to see
Twas no fun being AC/DC
Back In the BC


53 thoughts on “AC/DC In The BC

    • Nice to hear from you as always Stephanie! As I started writing it I started to realize my closing line which was kind of a take off on the title. I wasn’t sure if calling it that would be too much of a spoiler but I just went with it in the end. I’m glad you liked it!

  1. Touch down, Marissa!!! Your poem is so cool! And you are just SO good that you amaze me each and every time I come here! Fantastic!! Keep up the great work, my friend! You do not ever disappoint!!! Love, Amy ❀

  2. Wow Marissa. You really have an amazing talent. That closing line (and title) is brilliant! … but my favourite name is “To come out of a closet that’s not been invented yet”. It hits like a punch in the stomach.

  3. I had not thought of such a thing….being the first gay person ever. I’d like to think since you were the first there was no stigma. And everyone was kind of non-thinking about it. Like, well, there’s no handbook on this so…okay by me. I’d like to think that any way.

  4. When I read this, I was prepared to read about British Columbia and not ancient times, Marissa. Remember those Greek or Roman gods eating grapes? Who knew they would cause bloating. . . πŸ™‚

  5. I think in ancient times, such a confession would bring a large crowd of new and best friends with wine and the urge to party. One had to practice discretion to avoid a messy house and a large wine bill. Not to mention washing all that spilled wine out of the alabaster floor tiles.

      • Oh yes! B.C was when it all happened. After that – Buzz Kill. If you think about it we supposedly had several million years of B.C. to frolic and have fun between war and starvation. We’ve only had 2015 years A.D. We are still in the infancy of the post Christ period. The Chinese were an advanced scientific civilization while Europeans were finger painting in caves. They threw elaborate parties. And we won’t even talk about those concubines and Eunichs that lived out back of the palace. What a royal mess that was. But I digress. πŸ™‚

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