I Am The Walrus: Musings Of An Irate Puffin

“Oh walrus you’re a lazy one
Just lying on the beach
Water expelled to excavate
The shellfish from your teeth

Cologne that’s reminiscent of
Some old crustacean musk
Lascivious you tempt your mates
By the size of your tusks

The sounds you make are ungainly
No small feat on your part
To snort and grunt and bellow out
To moan and even fart

And yet no one dare mess with you
You great aquatic hulk
Who’d want to be demolished by
2000 pounds of bulk

But some do look upon your kind
As infinitely wise
Perhaps your unkempt whiskers since
I barely see your eyes

But it does not seems fair to me
That so many pay homage
While all us other creatures here
Do barely get acknowledged

The moose, the sea otter and I
We truly have our doubts
Based on observed behaviors what
The fuss could be about

And yet you end up in the greatest
Literary tomes
Inspired Lewis Carroll to
Write you a little poem

Appeared on Beatles albums and
I bet you think it’s true
That even dear John Lennon would
Have not a thing on you

What do you say oh walrus pray
Please speak up now or never
Just what is it that makes you wise
Respected, thought as clever

Speak up or I’ll add to my list
You’re ignorant and rude!!”
“Snort, I am the walrus!
Goo Goo g’ frickin joob!”

This is my third and final installment of the Quote A Day challenge. Thanks again to Mark Bialczak and Erika Kind  for nominating me.

43 thoughts on “I Am The Walrus: Musings Of An Irate Puffin

  1. God, Marissa. In my next life I want a mind like yours that can just bring things together in a verse that no one else would ever imagine!

  2. I remember a Children’s Anthology with the Walrus and the Carpenter, Marissa. This brought back childhooD memories whemail either my Dad or Mom would read these. I liked the way you made the quotes be part of your poetry and you wove them in. This was so original. I turned down the idea of just putting quotes on a post. Did not think it through. You know how to go outside the box 🙂

      • Oh yes, definitely difficult writing comments on a cell phone. I try to avoid it at all costs.

        Right, if the challenge had been simply to write a quote, I just thought, I’d rather showcase my poetry, but I guess I tried to use the challenge to my advantage and do both. You know, challenges can really help to keep you inspired so I try to use them whenever I can. Thank you for noticing.

      • It is also good to stay connected in a community of blogging buddies who strive to raise the bar. I will keep this in mind next challenge, Marissa! Summers we work 10 or more hours in a non-air-conditioned warehouse, so I am afraid I have burned my brains on 5 of 7 days a week (excuses, excuses :))

  3. Laughter erupted as I read your poem, and the video brought vivid memories back. *sigh* Oh those were the days, my friend. Those words bring another song to mind …. “Those Were The Days” … oh yes those were the days ….. Now that song will be stuck in my head today. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  4. Marissa, I’m always mesmerized by your talent with words and humour. I must say that I enjoyed the “trip” with this poetic offering and the video was the cherry on top. Thanks for making my day!

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