Fairies Wear Boots: Behind The Music

Cecilia was a fairy girl
Who never fussed or cussed
But flew around in forests sprinkling
Love and fairy dust

Until she did get bored one day
Of always being nice
And called on Fairy Godmother
To ask for some advice

And her godmother said to her
“I know about these things
You must go out and live your life
To truly earn your wings

Go out into the human world
Live up and party hard
This amulet will protect you
And here’s my credit card.”

And so Ceclia did go out
To see what she could find
She ran around and had a blast
For all of fairy kind

She went out clubbing, danced on bars
Bathed naked in jacuzzis
Shopped around in high end stores
Drank champagne, ate sushi

Drag raced cars and belly danced
And really lived it up
While snorting lines from dollar bills
Of magic fairy dust

Time came Cecilia to return
And be among her species
But she was now a different girl
And asked to be called CeeCee

Wore halter tops and leather shorts
Hair pink from tip and root
Red lipstick, shadow, cat eye shades
And thigh high leather boots

And with her newfound confidence
She thought she’d take a chance
She grabbed a rather dishy dwarf
And did a dirty dance

Then Ozzy Osbourne did walk by
Was this an aberration?
Or flashbacks of bad acid trips
Causing hallucinations?

He visited the doctor then
To tell him that he saw
A fairy who was wearing boots
Dancing with a dwarf

The doctor said “you see these thing
Just don’t exist at all
You really have to stop the drugs
Get off the alcohol!

Get it together or I fear
Your life will soon be over!”
And laughed off Ozzy when he said
That he was stone cold sober.

I would like to thank Mark Bialczak for nominating me for the ‘If You Are A Quote Lover’ challenge. Of course I bent the rules a bit, but what else is new?

70 thoughts on “Fairies Wear Boots: Behind The Music

      • I was reading an interview with Zakk Wilde and he said Ozzie would always refer to the Rhodes as ‘The Dwarf” after Rhodes left Ozzie.

      • Really? I never knew he was that small. I actually just googled it and it said Randy was 5’7 while Ozzy was 5’10. I don’t know…I think a guy has to be under 5’5 to get called dwarf but I guess Ozzy Osbourne can do what he wants.

  1. Sounds like the girl who moved from NY to CA and was never the same again….maybe it was that trip to Vegas that got her to the point of no return, huh?

    Definitely loved this one….I do believe it’s one of your best!

  2. I effin’ love this song/ Ozzy. I just love the build up and the changes. Wait. Was there a poem too? Kidding! Great poem but I’m about to press repeat on this song. 😛

  3. A fairy godmother with an extra credit card?! At this point I wouldn’t mind a troll with one either. From Cecelia to Cee-Cee, I laughed through the entire poem! 😀 Loved it.

  4. This one is a Masterpiece, Marissa! Wow, I have goosebumps! You outdid yourself with this one! How I was entranced and Loved every single line! Thank you! Love, Amy ❤

  5. OMG – this has to be one of your best. I too blinked at the Fairy Godmother lending her credit card. Where do I go to get one of these?!!!
    … poor Ozzie is so fried, I could totally see this happening to him!

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