What Was I Thinking?

Babies they’re a funny lot
And not the most judicious
They stick their feet into their mouths
And think they are delicious

They flail their arms out randomly
And often will dispense
Of gibber gabber I suppose
They think makes perfect sense

If you put them in the bath
Take note of their demeanor
As they splash and soak the floor
And laugh like a hyena

So one day when they fix you with
That toothless crooked grin
Take a silly hat and tie it
Neath their chubby chin

And they won’t even realize
Just how goofy they look
Till years pass and they see their picture
In a photo book


My sister and I circa 1973.


62 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. How cute! That’s a wonderful pic….although….the snowballs on the top are a little……shall we say much? Almost as big as your heads!

    Great verse. I enjoyed the ease of this one.

  2. OH, Marissa, I didn’t know you have a twin!! You two were adorable. There is nothing more embarrassing when on a date, the date comes to pick you up, and Mom pulls the family photo album out. GROAN. Great poem today!!! I LOVED it! Love, Amy ❀

  3. I love this abundantly especially because it references baby feet which we all know are delicious and the cutest part of any baby. My family understands that all babies presented to me should be barefoot as it will spare me having to take their little booties off immediately.

  4. I loved this photograph and how you poked fun at it in your poetry, Marissa. I am like Barb! I nibble on baby’s toes. I don’t care what places they have been, as long as I rinse them off a bit… smiles! Sweet post, Marissa and so glad to know there is a twin sister out there. I want to see someday a photo of you both all grown up, please! smiles!

  5. There are 2 of you?!! πŸ˜‰ I’ve always wanted a twin sister … but I had to settle for an older and younger one πŸ™‚

    That picture is absolutely adorable with those huge pom-pom hats!

  6. I call these types of photos my blackmail stash. “One day, they will find the light of day, and I will ensure that you are totally embarrassed.” (my warning to my children)

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