Elvis Has Left The Building

The makeup, bras, the lingerie
The Vegas golden age
I wait amongst the wreckage as
I hear them up on stage

Ned did Elvis pretty good
Gyrated every beat
But now I hear he gives out fliers
Down on Freemont St.

First Elvis thin then the Elvis fat
Then Elvis past his prime
Then Ned would leave the building for
What would be the last time

John does a mean Gaga and
He rocks on the piano
If he can hide that manly chin
And his five o clock shadow

Maria’s worried her Britney
Will soon fade from demand
As the pop star grows older
And with her so her fans

She contemplates a nip right there
A tuck here and a lift
To last her through the next five years
She’ll go as Taylor Swift

And Armand blows his afro out
Discreetly snorts a line
It gets harder to party like
It’s 1999

But is it love or money or
The warmth of the stage lights
That keeps the fire burning brightly
Each and every night

Or is it once the clothing’s hung
And wigs back on the shelves
We have to face another day
Of just being ourselves.

This post was inspired by my impending trip to Las Vegas. I won’t be posting for the next week and will do my best to stop in on your blogs while I’m gone.


37 thoughts on “Elvis Has Left The Building

    • Thank you! I know I will be missed! Yes, even though I think we’ll be taking a computer, it’s mainly so my son can keep up with his school work. I really don’t want to be tied to it!

      And who am I going to Vegas as? Myself of course. With all those people who already impersonate me, I think I need to just show up as myself this time!!

    • That’s what I’m hoping. There’s a Kiss mini golf course there and we’re gonna go. I’m already thinking of doing something where Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons come out of the golf course and…well the rest remains to be written.

      • A Kiss mini golf course???? Golfin’ through Detroit Rock city? I’m loving it already!

      • Yeah, I know, I mean it’s just a glorified golf course but I found some cheap coupons online and showed it to my family and they were like ‘we have to go!!’ Think we’ll also go on that new ‘world’s biggest ferris wheel’. Have you heard about it?

      • I have not! I freak a bit on the normally sized ones when they pause at the top. How big is it?

    • Tom…old??? Yeah, well it’s interesting how it relates to the people in this field. I wanted to do a Vegas inspired blog and this profession/ subject interested me the most and it just turned out kind of depressing. Oh well, gotta to where the muse takes you.

      Vegas for pleasure!! Can’t wait to get away!!

      • Not Tom. Me. Read it again – it’s not that bad – it may just be me. Dreading being old, I guess.
        Ooohhh enjoy your holiday! Can’t wait to get away? Tell me about it! Haha!

  1. I think Lou Reed would have like this rather a lot! Have a splendid time in Las Vegas and certainly don’t go near WP…wouldn’t be a break from it all if you did! Shortly we are off to a place in France with no internet connection at all…it’s they way I wanted it! Best of luck then

    • Well then I’ll have to follow you to France and recite my poetry to you once you get there and demand criticism! When do you go? Where are you staying?? Should I book tickets now???

      • Ah we are renting a pleasant little house in the middle of nowhere – save for a small cafe/bar nearby! Near Le Touquet in Northern France this time but later in the year somewhere further south! My posting on WP will cease for a couple of weeks from next weekend…I shall compose stuff in the garden while away though! Do have the most splendid time.

  2. This is another good’un. I was going to give you one of my Uncle Bardisms, then I read the last two stanzas and was wiped out by them. You just get better and better. I loved how you took me from the humor, then turned the piece on its head and showed me the truth of it all. Enjoy your Vegas gig. Make sure you carry a pen and a notebook to write down inspirations when the Muse touches down on your head.

    • Thank you Don! Yeah, I just thought I would write something Vegas themes and I started reading about the impersonators and it kind of left me with a depressing image. I don’t know…I just follow the Muse. Hopefully she’ll be gambling at a roulette table and win me some big bucks. Knowing her, she probably won’t stop until it’s all gone!

  3. I hope you have a great time and this was just like being part of the theatrical extravaganza part of Vegas! I would like to go for just a few days, my cousin lives out there and is a teacher and lives in a neighborhood where it looks like Phoenix. i have been to Phoenix, but not all the glitz and glamour of Vegas! I am sorry I did not read to the last line, when I pushed like yesterday. Safe travels home after your trip, since I missed saying this on your trip out West. Smiles, Robin

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