Where’s Waldo

This picture’s been long
In my family
How lovely was she
A sailor was he

The picture appeared
To me diff’rently
The day that I noticed
The guy in the tree

Now looking at it,
That’s all I can see

P.S. It just occurs to me that this is an appropriate blog to publish on Memorial Day so a big thank you to all the vets who served our country!

Grandma and Grandpa on their honeymoon circa 1944.

Grandma and Grandpa on their honeymoon circa 1944.

32 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo

  1. Lovely snap of your grandparents yet there he his once more…my old Uncle Gilbert with his trademark sitting up a tree routine…never could control the urge poor fellow!

    • Thanks Rob! Yes, just looking through my photos and this one struck me because of the background dude. Then I thought, ‘how appropriate to post on M.D….being that gramps is in his sailor uniform and all. Thanks for nominating me Rob. It’s been a lot of fun! And still 2 to go!!

  2. I love the photo too, old photos like that are absolutely priceless. I also have some good ones that definitely need a caption or a story 🙂 I so enjoy your wonderful imagination and way with words.

    • Thanks so much! Well this was all part of the 5 day photo challenge which is more like a 5 post photo challenge for me!! Anyway, pretty much just captioning photos in clever and imaginative ways. You’re really supposed to tag someone to do the challenge but I never like to put that much pressure on people, but if you have some photos that need captioning and want to do it for your blog, let me know. Otherwise, don’t even worry about it!

    • Oh yeah, I see what you mean. When I looked at the pic on the page, it looked like there were two people but then when I blew it up again it looked more like one. I’m not sure how much you can blow it up by clicking on it since you didn’t publish the piece. I can do almost to original size (8×10).

      • I can only go ‘so far’. No, not as big as an 8×10. I can’t tell for sure. I can’t help it, I really really really want to know what they are doing up there. “THey” or “that” person.

  3. Now that you mentioned the guy in the tree, that is what my eye is being pulled to. LOL Thank you, Marissa, for remembering those who served in any war. Bless you!!! And your image was just precious, FYI …. just precious!!! Love, Amy ❤

  4. Your grandmother was a great beauty, Marissa, and I thank your grandfather for his service to our country.

    Now about that tree. I flicked the photo larger on my iPad, and I believe there may be two climbers. A fellow below in white pants might be chasing a dark-shirted individual above. Wouldn’t that be something else?!

      • I saw the rest of them and when I was going back a few days tonight they were there. I just totally seemed to miss them somehow. I think this one was a me problem and not a WP problem.

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