That Baby

Oh that baby, she threw a fit
Can’t say how long it lasted
She cried and weeped then fell asleep
Inside that red straw basket

We’re so glad she’s down for the count
But now there’s a new quandary
Wond’ring how ever we will endeavor
To finish up the laundry!


This post is in response to the 5 Day Photo Challenge. I was nominated by Rob at The V-Pub. I can’t guarantee that I’ll make it through all five days of the challenge but I saw this picture and it was quite inspirational for obvious reasons. I’m supposed to pass on the torch but not sure if anyone wants the honor of being nominated. If you do, let me know and I will update.

49 thoughts on “That Baby

  1. Lovely to see you on a photo challenge and what a photo it is! Let the laundry go…never wake a sleeping babe (especially when they’re as cute as this!)

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  3. That was beautiful, Marissa! The words were perfect for the photo, and what an amazing photo it was. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Amy, yes, I saw it and was so honored. I was going to send you an email but maybe I’ll just respond here since I am seeing your comment. I was awestruck this morning. First of all, completely honored that you thought to write a blog and photo for me, but also to put me in a category with a female doctor. Now, there’s someone who makes change every day. Your words humbled me, the beauty of the picture…oh Amy, gosh, now I’m tearing up!!

      • Marissa, now you have me tearing up. I am SO happy you saw this and liked this. When are you ever going to understand you have my utmost respect for who you are, and you are so very Gifted. Why would I not put you with a doctor? Yes she walks a different path then you and the reason I mentioned her is for a different reason then yours, but both of you are bright, very intelligent, very Gifted, and both in your own ways, are making a difference in this world. When you totally “get” the message, you all by yourself, can change the world around you. You are already doing it, even if you don’t know it. I SEE it. I do Love you!!! May you have a glorious day! Love, Amy ❀

      • LOL And even though I have comments closed, I keep an eye on Petals and notifications, just for “rebels” like you. Hehehehehehe And of course, I just have to respond. No self control ….. LMAO!!!! ❀

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