Some couple’s meet on stormy streets
In shared cabs business meeting
A common friend, or enemy
A smold’ring look once fleeting

I met my lover years ago
The details are so gory
And tried and true I say to you
Of the whole ugly story

As I sat over by the bar
I stared into my wine
About to take my sad self home
It’s just about that time

But as I scanned the crowd that night
My gaze would become prone
To a table set for two
A girl sat all alone

Her eyes they darted nervously
From her watch to the mirror
As I studied her movements and
Her story became clearer

It saw she was anticipating
What would be her fate
There was no mistaking it
She would meet her blind date

A tap came on my shoulder and
He was just my type
So tall and dark and handsome too
And I thought ‘Mama likes’.

And he was just so innocent
He asked if I was Beth
It didn’t take me long to think
My eager answer ‘Yes!”

The most magical night we had
And now it does appear
That that magic has lasted on
For the past three years

Though sometimes I am wracked with guilt
And sleep fitfully
I tell myself it’s karma’s way
And surely meant to be

Just yesterday he bought a ring
Asked for my hand in marriage
I wear it in good faith and hope
That he will not disparage

In his opinion of me for
I’ve no choice to confess
That I am just a desperate girl
And my name is not Beth.


97 thoughts on “Beth

  1. Wait! Don’t confess. Instead tell him BETH is an acronym standing for “Blue Eyes That Haunt!” If he doesn’t think you have haunting blue eyes, (he’s an idiot) alternatively tell him you thought he had a lisp and was asking “Are you best?” Because of course you are the best!

    Why go with the truth when there’s such creative fiction to be had??

    Great poem and Ironically I was going to do a mistaken identity post today. Of course. Now is that true or creative fiction?

  2. Hah! This shall be entertaining to explain. Also, I saw the title and I started singing (quite badly I might add), “Beth I hear you calling….”.

  3. Is Peter Criss going to sing at the wedding? πŸ™‚ So, is this true? Are you engaged? If so, congratulations!!!

    • Oh yes, while writing this one the song was definitely going through my mind although I think I came up with the name before really making the connection. Oh yes, far from true! You do know I’m a married woman, right?

  4. I’m SHOCKED. Shocked and maybe a little bit jealous. Ok – in awe, really. That takes nerve. Real badness-to-the-core nerve.

    Three years and he still hasn’t figured out her name isn’t Beth? hmmm … maybe love really is blind πŸ˜‰

  5. You did this and have no idea of the heartache and stress that preceded this unfortunate date-nap you pulled off….poor Beth had a history of being stood up by dates and her friends had set her up on this “sure thing” as a last-ditch effort to keep her from joining a nunnery. Instead, Beth drowned her sorrows in Vodka that night and took herself off to the shrink in the morning…….little did she know…..she’s now married to him and you all lived happily ever after!

  6. Or…or you could tell him that you were working for intelligence at that fated moment and under the alias B.E.T.H(bastards-extraditing and terminating, hottie) which makes TOTAL sense. And hence the whole misunderstanding.

  7. Now you have left me hanging, wondering what his response would be! How naughty of you, Marissa! LOL Now if this guy truly did Love, it would matter not if you were Beth or not. Or so one would hope. Another great one! Totally Loved this! Love, Amy ❀

  8. I’ve recently made a new friend who shared how she met her new man. They were on the sidewalk of a busy bar and he was waiting for his blind date, who was late. City ordinance dictated that a certain number of tables and chairs had to be removed at a certain point. When that happened, my new friend had no place to sit and was offered a chair by the man who had been stood up. They instantly clicked and got to talking. About an hour later (2 hours past the agreed upon blind date time) he got a text from his blind date, saying she was almost there. He simply replied: “I’ve got it covered”. He and my new friend have been dating ever since. Sometimes bad timing is good timing.

      • Thanks Mark! That was pretty impressive. I’m actually relatively new to Linked In, which is to say, I’ve had an account for some time but never used the site much. I just updated my account with a new email and you may be getting some kind of invite from me. As far as Darren goes, I tried to send him a message but had to say I didn’t know him for fear I would be marked as a spammer if I tried to lie an say I did. I can only send him an invite for now. Thank you. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

      • I will accept your connection, Marissa. I know you pretty well by now I’d say. LinkedIn is good for work things such as just that case. Pitching movie ideas! πŸ™‚ We all should help other out networking, our little inner circle, because once one of us breaks through, we’re all gonna be big time, I say.

      • Thanks Mark! I’ll definitely thank you when I get my first Golden Globe! Actually, wouldn’t even let me invite that Darren guy into my circle, or however they say it on Linked In. He probably gets a lot of requests…but we can just say he’s a snob, ha, ha.

      • I don’t see an email for him anywhere on his profile. I actually googled how to make submissions to the Hallmark channel and they said they do not accept unsolicited materials.

      • A couple of months ago I commented two days in a row on a blog of a gentleman who was asking opinions on a pitch process for a script to the Hallmark Movie channel. He had two options. Which do you like better, A or B. It was a Thanksgiving movie. I googled and googled to try to find the posts to send you the links so you could contact him, but … I can’t remember the name of the blogger or the blog name. Sorry. I’ll think more and try again.

  9. This is so real
    Was it really your love story, Marissa?
    For one summer I was Beth. (My.middle name is Elizabeth.) I did date guys and never said a word.about my real first name.
    Then got carded at a bar, certainly a little sheepish when guy took my card and told my date my name was Robin. He was in college with me and may have liked me!

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