The Prequel

In a land where chocolate grows
Right off of the trees
There is a girl with honey hair
That grows down to her knees

And though I haven’t met her yet
They talk about her oft
The azure eyed girl wonder known as
The Great Warm and Soft

Who nought complains or misbehaves
Or has farts that are smelly
It’s said great things will happen if
You touch her silky belly

An evil witch looked down on her
And from her lair she cried
For she was wicked so to her
Sweet belly was denied

And so she schemed and plotted how
She’d leave her evil loft
And get her hands on the princess
Called The Great Warm and Soft

She hired flying monkeys blasted
Heavy metal music
And went down to the fairy lands
A-flying on her broomstick

And when the guards did spy her there
They went in to attack
But Princess came to rescue her
And ordered them ‘Stand back’

It may have been the Princess blessed
With her pure heart of gold
Or she felt bad because the witch
Was really really old

But either way forward she stepped
Divinity inspired
And offered to the cruel witch that
Of which she most desired

And you ask what did happen then?
The Princess’s people say
That the witch’s small cold heart
Grew 3 sizes that day

And people celebrated this
And stocks and bonds did swell
And global warming was no more
And unemployment fell

And if the two were BFFs
We never did find out
As villagers too late did warn
“Watch out for that house!!”

Happy Birthday to My Little Anjelicat!

The Princess and The Witch in happier times...just seconds before the house

The Princess and The Witch in happier times…just seconds before the house

43 thoughts on “The Prequel

  1. What a lovely verse for your girl and yes, I picked up on that silky belly reference we were discussing the other day! Alas, now I know that you and I can never meet… are SO THIN! I am afraid I would look like one of those bison I posted on if I stood next to you! Happy B-day to your daughter and that shot of the two of you is a keeper for sure!

    • Oh yes, actually that conversation helped inspire this verse. I was thinking of going in this whole fairy tale princess direction, but after the conversation, started thinking about the significance of the miraculous belly! I probably should have credited you!! Silly me!! Well, if we ever were close enough to meet each other, I would only hope that we could look beyond outward appearances because you seem to be a truly lovely person.

  2. I love this poem … I’m such a softie for fairy tales … and the lovely photo of you and your daughter. You are both gorgeous!!

    … tell me more about this land where chocolate grows. Start with – where, exactly?!!! You know, just for future reference, in case of … emergency ….

  3. I am late to the party but trying to catch up friends. Must go to sleep but here is my message. Marissa.

    **–**==**–Happy Birthday dear princess**–**==**–flowers, fruits, crowns and sweets. Most of all wishes for love always and happiness.

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