What Really Happened That Day

To those who read this morning’s blog
Sorry I did not say
All the sordid details of
What did happen that day

As not all was revealed for sure
I think you’ll see the cause
The hidden details when I met
Li’l Miss Menopause

Just sitting in a Starbucks chatting
With the coffee’s steam
My decaf turned a cappu-frappe
Latte with whipped cream

And though she drove a blueΒ Mazda
It was incontrovertible
Her vehicle morphed into a
Thunderbird Convertible

And pretty soon we drove on by
The wrong side of the law
In fact it’s possible we robbed
A small convenience store

The pigs were soon hot on our tail
But we were mean and reckless
Driving through the 50 states
But avoiding Texas

Murder, intrigue all to which
We may or not admit
A dubious encounter with
A very young Brad Pitt

But after driving miles it
Looked like we’d have to stop
The law was heavy on our trail
We faced a huge road block

But I tell you we bloggers are
Much smarter than you think
She fixed me with a knowing nod
And then a small sly wink

A jump on the gas pedal then
And holding hands we kissed
And before you know it we
Had drove right off a cliff

As for those fans of cliffhangers
They’ll believe what they will
But trust me when I tell you this
We are driving still.



61 thoughts on “What Really Happened That Day

  1. LOLOLOL!! Okay this was just TOOO funny. I love how accurate everything was, but you slightly embellished on our drinks that night. πŸ˜‰ And of course I had to be the designated driver since you conveniently forgot your purse. Alright my friend– I will not write another blog to try and top this. Nobody could! You get the final word on that fateful night. Until we meet again…..

    • You know Stephanie, I really wanted to write something funny and clever about our meeting and I really thought the last post just didn’t do it justice. Then, after reading everyone’s comments, I just became inspired and had to publish. But, come on, you really didn’t want me driving the Thunderbird anyway!

  2. That was a fun poem. Looks like the adventure continues. Not sure if it was the wink or clever use of ink that got you out of that one. Either way I enjoyed the recap of your tail.

  3. Okay….I read my blogs in my email from the last received to the longest ago received…..obviously I’m missing part uno. However….are you skipping Texas because of what you did to Miss Texas at the pageant? πŸ™‚

    • I do expect that (re the order). No, actually in researching the Thelma and Louise movie so I was updated on the plot, I saw that Louise had a mysterious past and refused to travel through Texas for some unknown reason. Thought I would incorporate…

  4. I read this and suddenly realized how boring my life is. I never laugh that hard when I think about my trips to StarBucks.

    • Ha! Considering that in reality neither of us bought anything, me on account that I actually forgot my purse and Stephanie on account that she doesn’t drink coffee. We just sat there and chatted for an hour. I think it’s more like they wanted to kill us!

      • Ugh! See that? I knew you really liked coffee! Why didn’t you let me buy you something!? It would’ve sobered you up some and you never woulda gave Mr. Pitt a second look. Ps–And I am NOT being Velma in Scooby Doo!

      • No Stephanie, promise I do not like coffee!! Ha, you are too funny! But you know, I did let you be Louise so it’s only fair that you would be Velma. Okay, never mind. I’ll just be Shaggy!

  5. Hi Marissa, I HAD to visit your blog after reading Steph’s post. How clever to incorporate ‘how Marissa met Stephanie’ scenario (I guess the ‘Sally met Harry’ one would have raised some eyebrows and more) into the Thelma and Louise escapade! We, the readers, are certainly privileged to be entertained by two vastly different accounts of said scenario. Love your poetic view. I will now take a peek at your other posts. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to visit both blogs. Any friend of Stephanie’s is a friend of mine for sure. You know, after those two relatively tame accounts of what happened, I figured it was time for the truth, ha, ha!

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