I’m So Cool

When my temps at 89 it’s like I got a fever
I’m so cool Andre 3000 keeps me in his freezer
I’m so cool in 1968 you’d call me groovy
I’m so cool that I wear my sunglasses at the movies

I’m so cool that I think that everything is lame
I’m so cool that Irony is my middle name
Deleted me on Facebook now that it’s run by The Man
I had to put it back up due to popular demand

I’m so cool that even Kanye has to say I’m great
I’m so cool I’m banned in 29 of 50 states
I’m so cool that recently I’ve had to lay to rest
Rumors of my pregnancy, my marriage and my death

I’m so cool I never break a sweat during the summer
I’m so cool Verizon doesn’t even have my number
I’m so cool I have a section reserved at the Met
But it’s always unoccupied since I ain’t been there yet

I’m so cool that Arthur Fonzarelli thinks I’m gifted
And I give to charities you never knew existed
And I’m so cool I have been known to call my mother ‘Man’.
I’m so cool that I don’t even know how cool I am



72 thoughts on “I’m So Cool

  1. What I really love is that pic of The Fonz! How long ago was all that? OMG. But you know….we already know you’re super cool…..you’re like the WP Klondike bar….sweet and cool!

    • Oh, the Fonz, yep, a long time ago but not so long ago that I don’t still remember!! Or maybe so long ago and yet I remember!! Yep, Klondike bars don’t melt on me.

      • I hear that your cover of “Klondike bars don’t melt on me” went platinum and it will be on your CD “Marissa’s Greatest Hits Volume 13 1/2”. Is that true?

  2. Funny you mentioned .. I call my mother Man.. lately my son’s calling me that – him just being funny. He said older boys were saying ‘man’ all the time.

  3. Marissa, I love fun poetry and this one could almost be put to a beat and sung! I am liking the idea of the Man being in charge of Facebook and your being so cool you had to come back. That is because of popular demand! Smiles!

  4. You are so cool you give James Dean a run for his money
    In your leather jacket and badass jeans, you’re a smokin’ johnny
    Brando, on his motorcycle, may have been The Wild One
    But, let’s face it, you’ve got the corner on all that’s fun

  5. But are you too school for cool? πŸ˜‰ LOVED this and the variety of your topics just boggles!!! Hey I was wondering if you’ve ever done greeting cards? I could see you having your own line. MarissaMark — “When you care enough to send the very jest.”

    • MarissaMark…took me a second, at first I thought maybe you wanted to get in on it too , Stephanie MARK Lewis! Ha! Then of course I realized Hallmark! Greeting cards? Sure why not. They should probably come with a warning label though..be warned, give this card and your friend or relative may never talk to you again!

  6. There are those quantum entities where energies of eclecticism enlighten us to an intrinsic and immutable force that becomes a universal standard. When discovered, we can only exclaim; “That is freakin’ Kool!” It’s the Marissa Effect. But, you knew that already. πŸ™‚

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