Hell Yeah, That’s Ma’ Boy!

When  producer Robert Sexton asked my son to be in Hell Yeah’s video for their song ‘Hush’, there was only one thing to say…”Hell yeah!!”

“Hell Yeah” singer Chad Gray, has been long outspoken about the subject of domestic abuse, as he was victimized in his youth. In honor of ‘No More Week’, Hell Yeah, released their single, “Hush” on March 13. Now they follow up with this dramatic video featuring none other than my little boy.

In addition to supporting and raising awareness to a worthy cause, I’m also mega proud of my son.

62 thoughts on “Hell Yeah, That’s Ma’ Boy!

  1. OUTSTANDING! Congratulations to you and your son, Marissa! Your son must be so excited. I’ve never heard of this singe before, but I really like it.

    • Thanks! Yes, he’s pretty pleased with himself. Yes, I don’t really follow this band. The drummer used to be in Pantera and the singer was in Mudvayne so they’re kind of a super group of metal veterans.

    • Sorry if this awoke painful memories for you Amy! I do think the producer and director did a good job in evoking sympathy (too light of a word??) for victims of domestic abuse, which I guess was what needed to be done.

      • Marissa, this did not awake painful memories. I have come to terms with my past … a very long journey, but one I have taken. This subject I do not shy away from, yet I do not really talk about or focus on either. Instead, I have chosen to keep looking at Love and walk that out. Your son is really special, by the way. I can only imagine how proud of him you are! That is a direct reflection on how he has been raised by his Mom. (smile) (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • The song is pretty new. Honestly, I don’t follow the band much myself. The video producer was a friend of a friend who saw my son perform and thought he’d be good for the video. According to my son and husband (who accompanied him to the shoot) they are all really nice guys.

  2. Congratulations all around, Marissa! You have a mighty handsome son there 🙂
    Do I detect a budding artist?

    Very powerful video – this hell is where I’m from, this hell is where I’ll stay – gulp! There is the real tragedy.

  3. What gorgeous eyes he has! This is quite a video to be sure. An amazing thing for your son to take part in so young! I think he’s on his way, Marissa!

  4. So powerful! I know someone said that already but it was the first thing that came to mind as I watched it. That and no one really knows what goes on in someone’s family behind closed doors. I know that from experience too. Congrats to your son too, he did a wonderful job!

  5. One, the band did its job of bringing home the message of anger, anguish and helplessness to domestic family abuse quite well with this song video, Marissa. A big shout-out to Hell Yeah for this good work.

    Two, your sound was superb in his role. He’s a good-looking kid, with eyes like his mom’s. I hope this exposure to and from the big art and business side of rock ‘n’ roll treats him well. Congratulations to the whole family, Marissa. Metal majesty here.

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  7. Huge stars for you and your son,I will be looking up the words ,you can definitely see his face in you,great work to your son,high five all the way around
    As always Sheldon

  8. Excellent! Your son did do a great job. The energy and tempo with his part caught the rage that grows inside as one tries hard to keep a calm and unprovoking exterior. Next stop – Taj Mahal 🙂

  9. I saw this first on Mark’s blog and was like….wow, Marissa looks so young to have a son this age (lead singer.) Duh. I see now who your boy is and he is just beautiful. The hell doesn’t have to be where the abused stays….my husband is living proof of that. Long story – successful story – of a kid living in an abusive household and still emerging as a fantastic man.

    • Then you’re supposed to say, when you saw the little boy I didn’t look like I was old enough to have a son that age either!! Ha, ha! No, I think the singer is about the same age as me.
      Well, it’s wonderful that your husband came out as successful as he did but so sorry he ever had to deal with that. He certainly has a terrific wife!

      • Which I remind him of regularly, trust me. Yes, I hit send before the obligatory ” You don’t look old enough….bleh, bleh.” But the child is absolutely beautiful. He could be an extra in Ben-Hur or something. His face is in museums, Marissa, really.

      • Yes, and of course only kidding about that. Thank you so much for your compliments to my son. I will definitely let him know what you said. He’ll be on cloud 9. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him down after all this.

  10. Probably the FIRST song of this genre I have EVER listened to completely, and will return to. The message, oh the message. And the the video… Your son should be very proud. IT was powerful. Incredible. I appreciate this video Marissa. Kudos to all of them. You son was brilliant.

    • I’m so glad you liked it Colleen! I know it’s a bit out of your wheelhouse, but to hear that it managed to reach you and that you appreciated it is wonderful! I guess certain messages defy genre. I will definitely pass on your compliments to my son.

    • You’re quite welcome! Yes, my son never really took any kind of acting classes, just some local neighborhood things. I guess he’s somewhat of a natural. Personally I would never cart him around on auditions; I think it’s too stressful. The producer of the video was a friend of a friend who saw him perform with his School of Rock and wanted to use him in something ever since.

      • Maybe. My husband wants to push him into acting but it seems that now there’s a demand for kids who play instruments and we’ve been getting some invitations for casting calls that are just looking for kids who can play. For those you usually don’t need a ton of acting experience, pics resumes, etc. I’m happy with that.

  11. Diggin the music, lyrics are pretty good (you know, what these old ears could make out), and I’m all for the message… does beg the question.. how did all this go down that he got asked to be in the video? Enquiring minds (does this show my age?) want to know…

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