The Omnipotent Author

Welcome my dear characters
I’m coming out for play
Let’s see what odd scenarios
I’ll get you in today

Ms. Lattimer I am afraid
You have become a bore
Perpetually a cheerful soul
Who works at the drug store

Let’s do something different now
To give your life some zip
Maybe you can have a hot
Affair with Mr. Smith

Oh come now Mrs. Smith there is
No need for all this bumming
Don’t pretend as if you didn’t
Foresee this one coming

And as for Lucy Terrapin
We all think she’s a bitch
What say we have that wretched soul
Go and slit her wrists

Although we know she is the one
The readers love to hate
She’ll probably recover and
Be back in chapter 8

And as for dear old Tabitha
Let’s make an ugly scene
I’m awfully tired of her coming
Out all squeaky clean

Let’s send her with that loser Mark
Into a life of sin
Where she eventually becomes
Hooked on heroin

And finally hits an all time low
And ends up all alone
Robbing Lattimer’s drug store
Desperate for methadone

Too dark a plot there Mrs. Smith?
You say you have your doubts?
You know I put you in this world
And I can take you out!

But if you did live in my world
Not long and you would see
My dark portrayal just serves to
Reflect reality

Cause life is unpredictable
And often it is hard
That’s why I like to sit behind
This keyboard and play God.


58 thoughts on “The Omnipotent Author

  1. Authors are gods of their worlds, aren’t they? There was a movie years ago called “From the mouth of madness” in which the characters (loosely based on HP Lovecraft) become somewhat real, or that the author descends into his own world of written horror. It was well done!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have one place where you call all the shots?
    Marissa I think I’d like to read this book!

  3. My first comment on this caused my brand new desktop to freeze completely and now I’ve got it going again I’ve completely forgotten what I wrote in the first place! Could this mean I don’t exist…that I’m just one of your characters…wow this is too big for me to cope with…Shirl…Shirl…quick luv, I don’t think I exist!

  4. and that’s the sheer power of a writer, by just putting pen to paper they can make mountains move. Superb poem, really enjoy how fluid your poems are and how you bring characters to life πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  5. Yes, Marissa! My school mascot gets a Lady character and I get one for myself. I’m liking being involved in this dark poem, for sure. Mark me in for some evil actions.

  6. Often times, I take some of my favorite creations out for a spin (in my head), toying with the ideas of how they would work through my day, or worse, I fantasize about being them. Granted, most of my favorite creations are heros of sorts.. more ‘of sorts’ then heros…

  7. Wickedly entertaining. πŸ™‚ Some folk, when angered, will punch another smack in the eye. Others wait until the morning constitution then blow the offender sky high. Those are the ones I tread lightly around. I don’t want my friends to watch the evening news and comment what a spectacular way to die while the protagonist detective goes about with a once used sandwich bag gathering me up off the ground. I think you might do that and do it well.

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