Mass Market My Heart

My MC bought out on the street
Down at Saint Marks place
I wore it proudly til the day
It saw it’s fall from grace

A trend in Brooklyn it became
Was it sweet irony
Worn by all the awful kids
Who always picked on me

And that was the beginning of
What was soon to fall
For soon Doc Martens would be found
Sold at suburban malls

And once exclusively U.K.
Indeed what could be finer
But something lost as they’re outsourced
And mass produced in China

And for 100 bucks or so
Most anybody can
Have their 2 year old appear
The biggest Ramones fan

Though I suppose they have the right
I can’t help think it’s vulgar
The price tags and the plastic wraps
Mass market counter culture

So take the spikes from my wristband
And just rip out my heart
I bought this T-shirt at the show
Not at the Walmart


56 thoughts on “Mass Market My Heart

  1. Another goody! The title in particular is spectacular. I love your fashion themed posts, they’re always a look into your past and present perspectives. It’s awesome seeing changes of thinking shared how you choose to.

  2. Ah you reminisce! Rather fine punchy verse I like a lot. By the way Shirley has about 8 pairs of Doc’s…plus the several hundred long gone worn out ones over the years!

  3. Yeah, it’s awful, isn’t it? What’s next? Clash songs for pepsi ads? Or maybe Bow Wow Wow song songs for advertisements. Wait – don’t they already do that? Well, at least the New York Dolls haven’t been commercialized…..yet…..

  4. The line “But something lost as they’re outsourced
    And mass produced in China” says it all for me.

    Several years ago I went on a weekend shopping trip with 2 of my nieces. To make the weekend interesting, we created a rule that no one could buy anything made in China in response to a conversation we were having about the economic impact of outsourcing.

    The result was brutal … and a huge eye-opener for us. Today it would be even worse.

    • Wow, that’s really amazing! I remember that it was such a symbol of pride to have ‘real’ Doc Martens and part of that was the whole made in the U.K. thing which is why it just seemed so sad and a bit ironic to find they were being manufactured in China. I’m sure if I paid more attention I’d find a lot of similar situations!

  5. Though I ‘got’ this….. I was never part of ANY scene, fashion or music. Wait….that also means I’m not part of that mass market vulgar culture too. So…okay, okay, I’m okay with that. πŸ™‚

    • Oh yeah, for a while there I used to have to have them in every color and they were so comfortable (once they broke in) and they lasted forever. They disappeared for a while but now they are popping up again, ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! AGGHHHH!!

      • I didn’t realize they are back in style again. It does seem like fashion does that though doesn’t it? >> it comes and goes in waves. Remember when bell bottoms came back and… I’m sure there are lots more examples. Your poem was F-U-N!

      • Oh yes, plus the whole 80s thing!! They actually put out a line of high heeled ones which are really cute, kind of a granny boot kind of thing, and then after that I started seeing them everywhere again!

  6. Ah, Marissa, queen of my heart-you hit the nail on the head with this one. What’s even worse is that although the goods are so much less quality, they cost just as much or more. But there is one thing mass market that I love to see–my books. lol. Have a great day. πŸ˜€

  7. Outsourcing … mass marketing … all points to one thing, and one thing only. The American Dream no longer exists. I walked into an “upper chain store” and was horrified at the JUNK that was being sold. We need to go back to Mamma and Papa stores with people who take pride in their work. If peeps would STOP buying JUNK and USE what they already have, perhaps the Moms and Pops could make a comeback. Even some of Canon products are made in China. Imagine that! *sighs* Loved this one, Marissa!! Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy! Yes, I think a lot of people take the issue of outsourcing vs. buying American/European made forgranted until it really hits home. Like there are certain products, like your Canon products and my Doc Martens where you really have to stop and say ‘hey, I remember when it meant something to say these were made in the USA!” I think a lot of people don’t realize it is a result of a bigger problem that needs to be handled on a much larger scale!

      • This problem is just so huge, where does one begin? How did it get so lopsided, so out of control in such a small span of time? I took for granted small stores growing up and when I began to see the larger stores coming in, my eyes became round as saucers. I am no longer impressed, believe me. I am so thankful I have hung on to the clothes I do have. I have some jeans that are sewn and patched, all because I will not wear junk.

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