Moonshine Greenberg and The Bad Acid Trip

Little Marcie Greenberg, a nice little girl from Queens
Her hometown didn’t have enough for her big city dreams
She hopped into a flowered van that said ‘Death before disco!’
With a group of hippies headed west to San Francisco

And in a psychedelic trip she swore she wasn’t dreaming
When a small fish came to her to tell her of life’s meaning
He said “The prophets of the day will make you see the light
Thou shall rock n’ roll all day and party every night!”
Then the fish puckered his mouth and gestured with his flipper
Which I guess meant ‘lose the Marcia, Moonshine is much hipper!’

She kept up with her family though I guess it’s kind of crummy
That she checked in to tell them only where to wire money
She swore it was for food and clothes but we know that instead
It all went to pot, acid, shrooms and tickets for the Dead

But then one day while tripping she saw friends eating a pizza
She swore the very head torn off of dear Jerry Garcia
They thought maybe some pot would make her feel more in control
Convinced was she it was her holy fish ground in the bowl

So as not to call in pigs and make an ugly scene
They put her on a train they hoped vaguely headed for Queens
She clawed and punched and kicked and spoke profanities all night
But when she sun fin’lly arose she knew she’d be alright

And so she did return back home and everything was fine
She rarely talks about the time she was known as Moonshine
And you would barely recognize her from her crazy days
Cause now she works in Jersey as a high end CPA.


56 thoughts on “Moonshine Greenberg and The Bad Acid Trip

    • Thanks! It’s great to hear from the poets who are noticing the improvement in my rhythm because I’ve really been working hard. Use of commas and poetic abbreviations are all part of it.

  1. The van reminds me of the Mystery van from Scooby Do! It is amazing the path we take and where we end up. I had a friend who I thought was going no where and now he’s a county judge.

  2. Well there’s a thing young Marissa I had a van just like that save that snakes were painted about the headlights; a dragon on one side and Cruella De Vil about the other! Could never understand why the police kept stopping me really – I have the photo somewhere! As ever super verse.

    • It’s pretty close except I don’t think I’m quite that straight laced. The Jersey thing was just because it seems like those who grew up in the boroughs and stay on the East Coast end up migrating to Manhattan or the cooler parts of Brooklyn (yay!) or to Jersey (mwat, mwat!)

  3. You are an absolute genius with words, Marissa. Your last line made me laugh so loud! I do not know where you get your ideas from or how you write the way you do, but you are really good! Another masterpiece I just read! Thank you. Love, Amy

  4. God how I wish for those days life was so much simpler,when it was a pill that could take you away without leaving the confines of a room,and that the only thing you worried about was where the next trip was coming from, “I’m a hippy and I’m trippy and I think I’m petty stoned,what’s there to live for,you needs the peace corp Frank Zappa”

  5. Ah, what a tale! Well, with the life of a CPA stretching ahead of her, it’s probably just as well Moonshine had a bit of fun beforehand. We all know she won’t be having much fun now…

  6. Great poem…I was going to comment on the possible autobiographical aspect but saw others had done so…so I will only ask if you ever saw old Sally Field TV movie “I’ll Be Home in the Spring”? Before you laugh, google it–I think you can see the whole thing on youtube. It’s about this teenage girl (Sally) who runs away from her middle class family to be with her hippie boyfriend; she then runs away from him to go back home because she is tired of eating out of the garbage and bad trips. Basically, the movie is saying life sucks no matter which way you go, LOL.

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ Shocking how some of them make it!!
    And equally shocking how some that everyone expected to have a great life, took a strange turn somewhere in life ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice poem!

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