And The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

Eugene Lobo, long time, I
remember you quite well
The nerdy boy with the vaguely
Mentholated smell
I think of your high water pants
How awkwardly they fit
And your greasy skin that was
So often prone to zits
And though twas few and far between
The friends you might have made
Was there a consolation in
The average of your grades

But I was never one to see
A book just at it’s cover
So often I would talk to you
Yet only to discover
That your persona seemed to be
What one might judge as cloying
And to talk to you for long
Would prove to be annoying
But even if you made it up
In personality
It would not account for much
The bad boys were for me

Eugene you might be shocked how oft
I think of you today
And wonder if you might had been
The one that got away
For I’m sure that by now you have
Increased tenfold in worth
And count yourself among the geeks
Inheriting the earth
Living in a penthouse suite
With a sexy blonde
And brunettes and redheads, Bet
you’ve got two for each arm

Alas your fate is something that
I never would have guessed
When just the other day I came
Across your friend request
You can’t imagine my surprise
To find that there was no
Current state of employment, No
relationship to show
And it has not escaped me that
Your present situation
May all be owing to your lack
Of college education
But in all other circumstance
Except a few less zits
Oh poor, dear Eugene Lobo, It
seems you’ve not changed a bit

Oh Eugene I’m sure you’d have been
Much better off by far
If you had acted like the loser
That you truly are


37 thoughts on “And The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

  1. Poor Eugene. If he hasn’t learned that he alone is responsible for his life, *sighs*, it looks like he aint ever gonna get it. His loss. Great poem! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Dear Marissa, As I sit alone scoffing what little left overs (the remnants of a half chewed burger bun if you must know) I could find in the trash bin whilst living under this godforsaken railway bridge I just thought you’d like to know I have in my hand a rusty razor blade with which to open a vein. Yours, Eugene

    • It’s funny because geeks are getting more and more in vogue. They’re not picked on way as much as they used to be and I think they’re encouraged to wave their geek flag high. The thing is, I think we do expect more from them then some of their cooler counterparts later in life. I was just so shocked to see nothing listed than a high school diploma and a record of former employment.

      • Hehe now I wonder what exactly the ‘geek flag’ has embroidered on it as it hangs from the flagpole… ! Yes, I bet that was surprising to see that there was no employment record for him. Speaking of records, I go on the record as saying you rock at writing entertaining poems!

      • Thank you! Well now that geeks are becoming so cool and trendy, I would hesitate to say this but I do once recall the day of underwear being hoisted on flagpoles…

  3. Sometimes, it’s better to leave the past in the past and just use your imagination……LOL.

    I really like this one, Marissa. You’re bringing an entire stereotype to life in just one imaginary person…….well done!

  4. I was always the middle of the road guy that wasn’t a loser (at least in my mind), but certainly wasn’t among the elite at school and in life I became that exact thing too. I guess there was no terrible treatment to motivate me to become the owner of Game Stop. Dang you stupid classmates that didn’t persecute me enough!

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