A Brief Foray Into Superherodom

If I was Invisible Woman
Whenever I got the chance
I’d go up to random strangers
And I’d pull down their pants

If I had Mystique’s powers
I’d decide what the hey
I think I’ll go morph into
Kate Middleton for the day

If I was the Black Widow
I’d go to any ends
Of hacking all your emails
And then spamming your friends

If I were Wonder Woman
With the Lasso of Truth
I’d make Audrey tell me
What she really thought of Ruth.

Because great power brings
Great responsibility
Which is why they’d probably
Take mine away from me.

rock n roll super mom

68 thoughts on “A Brief Foray Into Superherodom

  1. This is all very well and good young Marissa but would you change into character by spinning about in a telephone box or find a place to change with a little more panache?

    • I prefer the Victoria Secrets dressing room except that last time I was there I saw you had snuck into one of the stalls and had equipped it with some sort of scuba diving gear that you had affixed a magnifying glass to…well let’s just say I will have to look into other options!!

  2. Well… the inner geek in me feels the need to tell you that Marvel created a role playing game (ala Dungeons and Dragons) years ago where you could become your own superhero… at least.. fictionally.

  3. Clever indeed. I’m pretty sure if I got superpowers, I would be complaining that I didn’t get a different one. Or that mine doesn’t work all the time, or that it only works during the day, when I’m trying to nap, or it makes my weakness pizza. There’s always something…

  4. Yep. That would be you all over. It would make for a very short but very colourful career! But if I had Mystique’s powers? It would be Elle MacPherson. Every time. Somehow, I think HH could live with that.

  5. I loved this! How funny these are….I wonder if you have a list of people you’d pants first or whose e-mails you’d hack first. Um-hmm…..I’m seeing our Marissa has some secrets she’s not sharing. πŸ™‚

  6. LOL!

    “Because great power brings
    Great responsibility
    Which is why they’d probably
    Take mine away from me.”

    Now that’s how you end a brilliant poem with a questionable narrator. πŸ˜›

  7. The opening is priceless. They make take away your powers but it’d be funny to see these things happen while you had them. You’d be the funniest comic heroine/hero/villain/villainess ever created.

  8. I lucked out, Marissa. Found you hiding with your (visiting from your “invisible” post) cape and boy you are one sexy rocking and rolling heroine!! I would be content to be Val Kilmer’s Robin and greet him in the Bat Cave with a cape and nothing else. Ha ha! πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, you certain dug up and oldie, and hopefully a goodie. Val Kilmer did indeed make for a striking Batman and what a Robin you would be. You’d probably end up distracting him from saving the world but oh well…all this with great power comes great responsibility stuff is really overrated.

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