Love Schmove

The way she puts up with his morning breath
The way he puts up with her indecisions
And when they swore that they would part at death
Did they consider bodily emissions

The way his underwear stays on the floor
The way her voice is just a bit too shrill
The way Saturday nights became a bore
And then he asks her if she loves him still

The way she rolls her eyes, screws up her mouth
And moves a little closer on the couch

I’d like to thank Christy BirminghamΒ for challenging meΒ in the Love in 10 Sentences challenge. I honestly thought I’d never write a poem about love.




64 thoughts on “Love Schmove

  1. You’ve captured well the changes that happen in a long term relationship – whether we chose to admit it or not πŸ™‚ The concept of love takes on totally different dimensions as we age!

  2. Seems like a nice gal – a voice that could cut glass and ‘bodily emissions’ (what are they…honest Marissa I’ve no idea). That said you paint a rather romantic picture of love in the real world. As ever, splendid

  3. When first we married, hubby used to get out of bed to exhibit body emissions from the bathroom. Of course I heard him as I lay there giggling. Now after more then 30 years of being together, neither he or me even think twice about body emissions. Hehehehehe The clothes laying about bugs me, he says I bug him by my “heads in the clouds”, he forgot to brush his teeth when we went to Yoga class and I said, “But HOW could you forget?” … oh yes, and Saturday nights … what are those again? Tee hee … beautiful job, Marissa. I have not a clue what true Love is, but this I know when you have gone through hate, and spite then Love and tolerance, I guess you could call that Love when the two are still together. (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. YES! I love your take on love – you never disappoint, Marissa. Thank you for taking the challenge and doing such a great job of highlighting the realness of love as we accept our other halves for all that they are ❀

    • I’m glad you liked it Christy! It’s weird because I’m so used to doing unconventional, it kind of took me out of my wheelhouse…a take on a conventional topic with an unconventional spin…I hope! Thank you so much for thinking of me and the prompt. Inspiration is always welcome!!

  5. Love in all its glory! You said you never thought you’d write a poem about love, but you put your own spin on it and took it to a new level as you always somehow manage to do!

  6. It’s awesome that you were nominated! You delivered a really nice scene to set your sight on. And of course you broke the rules. I loved it πŸ™‚

  7. Gotta love the ole couch move! The “schooch a little closer” solves many of the problems shrill voices and bodily emissions create. You make me smile, Marissa πŸ™‚

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