Driver Beware

Perhaps it is the yogi who’s
Teaching your class today
Parents of your child’s friend
The neighbor down the way

A teacher, boss or coworker
Your sister’s cousin’s niece
A nun, the pastor from your church
Or the chief of police

Perhaps it is your physician
Or, no, heaven forbid
The teller from your bank who says
Those nice things ’bout your kid

We know that road rage often leads
To action best deferred
So take note of the driver before
Flipping them the bird

This poem is dedicated to my husband who ended up giving the finger to my son’s friend’s parents while driving in Hollywood. He got called out on Facebook because of it. Luckily all parties had a sense of humor.


58 thoughts on “Driver Beware

  1. Ooops! Sounds like something that I’d do. A few years ago, while driving to my kids sporting event, I discovered someone was tailgating me. I started to try to lose them and was driving really badly. I discovered after I had parked that it was my kids friends parent, who was lost and was desperately trying not to lose me. Ugggh. I felt so foolish.

  2. Oh, my. Your husband gets into situations just like me except when I end up in these situations there’s no sense of humour to save me! Love how you can do this verse thing with just anything that happens though… really are quite fun!

    • Oh, thanks. Yes, it was challenging because sometimes when you relate stories in verse, it just isn’t as funny unless you put a spin on it. After this happened, my husband didn’t even mention it to me but then the woman (who was the passenger) posted to his wall asking him if he was driving in Hollywood that day. Yes, she thought it was funny. Thankfully, so did all our friends who saw the post!

  3. I am trying to learn to look happy and smiley as I make my smarly remarks about other drivers. I always manage to call out my husband when he’s doing it, why not when I’m doing it? πŸ˜‰

  4. As I tell my hubby, you never know what kind of day someone is having, so be tolerant. Oh yes, there are some very stressful events as one drives, and the temptation to flip the bird is always there. Perhaps next time your hubby will stop to think maybe that other person who seems to be a jerk, is really not having a good day. Great poem, Marissa! Only you can make magic with words as you do! Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy! Yes, sometimes I see someone in a car and I can tell they are lost or having trouble getting their car to move as smoothly as they would like and I just think to myself ‘that’s exactly something I would do’ and try to have patience. If the same thing happens and hubby is driving, he immediately gets mad, maybe because he’s a better driver and therefore has less tolerance. The people he gave the finger to said they were just killing time and deciding where to go which is why they were going slowly and maybe switching lanes.

      • I think men in general have less tolerance on the road. This has been my observation, although I have seen a shocking thing or two involving women. If more would just tolerate each other and have a bit more patience, road rage would drastically decrease. Too many are always rushing around in high gear, not even in the present NOW, but thinking about where they are next going. I’ve been there done that. Yet still …. I really do try to be tolerant.

      • Oh absolutely Amy, and to avoid going on too long in the last comment, I get really impatient with other drivers, especially when they seem unaware on the road, but if they just seem lost or are having difficulty maneuvering their cars, I feel more sympathetic…been there, done that!!

  5. I feel his pain. Today, I was at a red light on a road where the lanes are super narrow and the lane markers desperately need to be repainted. The light turned green, and as I started to go, I noticed that the car to my right was dangerously close to mine, so I honked my horn and flailed my arms. It turned out that I was the one in the wrong lane. I was so embarrassed and thankful that I hadn’t flipped the bird, which is usually my go-to move.

    • I do things like that all the time. I am constantly guilty of beeping cars that are waiting on pedestrians to cross or other cars to go because I can’t see what’s going on. I’m sure my husband will be glad for a sympathetic voice!

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