Party Animals

There’s a party over there
Don’t you want to go
There’s a party over there
Let’s stop and say hello

We’ll file past the patio
It’d probably be rude
If we didn’t pile up
Our plates high with some food

Let’s go and be sociable
For what would they think
If we didn’t have at least
One, two or three drinks

Let’s dance on the furniture
Let’s make this place a scene
Let’s sing hits from the 80s on
The Karaoke machine

Let’s go make a conga line
Let’s howl at the moon
Let’s make out with every single
Person in the room

Let’s hold court in the pantry
As if none could be finer
Break out the fancy silverware
And drink beer from the china

Let’s scream ‘Let there be anarchy!’
Til everyone’s excited
And run when they find we were not
Actually invited


43 thoughts on “Party Animals

  1. Great pic to illustrate this one! I do find much humour in their worries about “being rude” when they are committing the greatest rudeness of all….party crashing!

  2. Were you a party crasher, Marissa? πŸ˜‰ That’s a great photo and brings back some fond memories of Martin and Akroyd.

    • I have crashed some parties in my time. I remember once when I was hanging out at a club and someone told me to go into the other room because Marilyn Manson was in there with Rose McGowan for her birthday party. We went in and saw them and Marilyn smiled at us (my sister and I). Then security came and asked us to leave!!

    • Yes, it is. It reminded me of the SNL skit he used to do ‘Wild and Crazy Guys’. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t actually from the skit but with licensing issues, it was the best I could do!

  3. That’s hilarious! I don’t know about party crashers, but in my wedding photography days, I’ve seen a few wedding crashers that were loads of fun when the couple figured out that neither of them knew the sneaks! πŸ™‚

    • You must have some funny stories!! I once was at a club and was advised to walk into a VIP room there because Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan were having a party there for her birthday. As soon as they saw us, they had us thrown out. And that’s probably the entirety of my party crashing ‘career’! Y

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