Who Knew?

Oh that poor Mr. Coldwater
His wife would drive him mad
The way she was so paranoid
It really was too bad

She hounded him relentlessly
It went on day and night
It seemed that she could barely stand
To let him out of sight

If she picked up the phone to find
None on the other end
She’d deduce rather quickly that
It was a lady friend

And if he were but minutes late
Home from anywhere
The Mrs. would accuse him of
Off having an affair

Strange smells they were suspected too
To set off mind and nose
And stains she questioned as to how
They had got on his clothes

So it seemed their relationship
Was soon to come to bust
For surely what was love built on
If not that of trust

And so the mister packed his bags
And to the night he’d flee
I hear that he went and ran off
With his secretary.

*inspired by the Carol Burnett skit Wrong Number-SML


58 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. The secretary……the one who knows his whereabouts at all times and schedules everything he does, huh? Seems like this old Mr. Coldwater didn’t learn anything from the first time around…..

    Great verse, Marissa. I guess I should come up with a new compliment since you can come up with a new verse each day. But it might hearten you to hear…..I’ve actually been working on a list of prompts for you as we discussed before. Not sure if you’ll go with any of them, but I’ve got a bitty list anyway….

    • Yes, well I suppose for the purpose of this blog, it could have really been anyone. Just that secretary is usually suspicious and, well, it rhymed!!

      So looking forward to your prompts! Usually if I focus on a prompt or twoI can knock one out. Thanks so much for thinking of me!

  2. A co-worker and I were talking about trust issues too, the other day. He got stuck in the subway for an hour! And when he got home, his wife berated him on how many times she had called him and he won’t pick up the phone. Poor guy. How could he, he’s in the subway – underground!

  3. I love Carol Burnett! And now I have to go Google some of her skits. And who’s to know what went on between the Coldwaters….if the marriage started with the MRS not trusting and driving him batty he never stood a chance. Or was there reason to not trust from the start….which makes one wonder why she would have married…. But then…. we wouldn’t have had this great verse. (I really don’t know how you do this!)

    • Thanks! There’s a blogger that was requesting that I put whatever inspired my blog as a kind of footnote on the bottom which is why that’s there. Seems to be getting more comments than the poem itself!

  4. How oft the boss falls for the secretary, hmmmmm? It feels SO good to again read your genius, Marissa. Great job, another masterpiece I really enjoyed! Thank you. Love, Amy

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