Behind Closed Drawers

Oh I do hear you beckon me
Sitting in his home
Where he has with such trust and faith
Left me all alone

Your austere wood it calls to me
Your subtly coiled handle
Begs me to find his secrets held
Possibly a scandal

Will there be some love letters
From partners girl or boy
Whips and chains and handcuffs or
A vibrating sex toy

A list of bills now overdue
A contract that is meant
To state the time and place and means
To kill the president

Do guns and knives and hand grenades
Softly lie within
Perhaps dismembered body parts
Or bags of heroin

Likely an avalanche of things
Will come for the attack
And he’ll walk in as I attempt
To stuff everything back

My curiosity grows great
As I ponder this matter
Which has since masked what now appears
Great pressure from my bladder

And so it is with strong resolve
To the restroom I’ll go
Where I am best to escape what
I’m better not to know

The secrets that the drawer may hold
I’d rather not upset
As now my eyes rest upon the
Medicine cabinet


53 thoughts on “Behind Closed Drawers

  1. This was abnormally (maybe) abstract, considering your usual tones. Though it’s possible I’ve grown too accustomed to being entertained by your brilliance that I miss out on how brilliant you truly are!

  2. You’ve so wonderfully captured the moment, when we’re alone, nobody is home except us and curiousity slowly creeps in on us… I absolutely loved your poem! πŸ™‚

  3. We used to have one in our old apartment. Never had anything in it except a toothpaste. I learned later on when I got here in the US that it’s usually where people takes a peek and ‘judge’ you by its contents!

  4. There must be something wrong with me … I don’t normally feel any urge to peer into other people’s cabinets or drawers. Hell – I avoid my own whenever possible πŸ˜‰

    But I do love how in every paragraph the imagination ventured a little further out!

  5. Well how very Victorian – indeed how very English from the period of classical novels. You’ve outdone yourself here young Marissa. Splendid stuff. Well then that’s my coffee break over for she who must be obeyed has summoned me to do yet more tedious moving moving home things. Am off the air as from this evening until the bloody 12th when the broadband is back on in the new place (if the guys turn up to undertake the task that is)

  6. I am reluctant to go into my sons dresser drawers. If it’s anything like what I find under the couch cushions, then I’m sure it’s awful. πŸ˜€

    • Oh gosh, never even thought of it from the parent/child perspective. My kids are still at an age where I know pretty much exactly what is in their rooms. I don’t look forward to the day when all that changes!

  7. And the mystery remains just that … a mystery …. How I remember my snooping days, going into my parents’ drawers. I really found nothing of interest, though. LOL Great brilliant writing once again, my friend! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thanks Amy! Yes, I was never much a snooper really, and for that reason…whatever I found would probably just be really boring…and if it wasn’t, I really don’t want to know!!

  8. Had to stop my comment mid-post so I could read your comment to me! Hah. Hey, this is great post here. I love the intrigue and I love knowing we all have these urges..I’m usually too nervous to act on mine, but temptation is there! As in this verse, however, maybe what I imagine is far more exciting than what I’d actually find anyway, huh?

  9. So many of your verse remind me of Edgar Allan Poe but with a wickedly brilliant sense of humor. I seriously want to know what triggers each of these? Can you do a fellow blogger a favor (since I remodeled a recent post for your DEAR friend) and for your next five posts, put a little asterisk at the bottom and write the event, object, person, dream, whatever triggered the post. I will be fascinated to try and correlate the two!

  10. This one’s great! I’m always tempted to peek. That’s why I’m stressed if we don’t clean the bathtub before having people over for dinner. What if they peek behind the curtain?!

    • Oh gosh, I’m always worried about the bathroom. Honestly, I really would not want to see if anyone didn’t clean their bathtub. It’s not that kind of dirt I’m looking for! (Ha, ha)

  11. Bwaahaahaaa! That’s hilarious! I read somewhere where a woman put marbles in her medicine cabinet before a party and halfway through, a guest opened it… and of course everyone heard what happened!

  12. Hahahaha Marissa!! I now understand the need of my ex mother in law when she went through my stuff!! What the hell did she expect to find? πŸ˜€

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