Busta Move

I’m shouting over loud music
Conversing is a bore
Why not try and show my moves
Out on the dance floor

I single out an empty spot
Amidst the beasts and beauties
And proceed to bust a move
To shake shake shake my booty

And as I get my groovin’ on
I become contemplative
The dancing characters of which
I will get more acquainted

The drunk guy in the corner who
Does not know where to go
But bangs his head and air guitars
While stumbling to and fro

And the big mama with the hips
Who knows just how to work it
She shimmies while arching her back
And squats and shakes to twerk it

And looking to my left I see
That I’ve landed beside a
Man doing a move that I
Have since dubbed the Squashed Spider

A lady with a mohawk seems
Like she’s having a seizure
An older gentleman does moves
From Saturday Night Fever

The cabbage patch and robot are
All getting in the groove
The couple dirty dancing looks
Like they now need a room

A conga line is moving though
It snakes in single file
A gentleman is on the end
Who does it Gangnam style

It’s all reaching a frenzy when
I see my girlfriend there
And ask her if she’d like to join me
We could Whip Our Hair

She just laughs and shakes her head
And says I wouldn’t dare as
I don’t know the cool dance moves and
I’m just way too embarrassed.


62 thoughts on “Busta Move

    • That’s true. I did not pay tribute to the wall watchers…nor the would be break dancers, the dancers from the Elaine from Seinfeld school of dance, the moshers…believe me, this poem could have gone on for quite some time.

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I have danced alone and had a better time than dancing with someone else, I have even developed dancing while sitting in a chair,I am just a dancing fool

  2. I’d like to be able to dance like any of these characters on the floor in this verse. Sadly…..I’m not able to let myself go far enough to whip my hair around like that. (Sigh….) 😦

    • Ah, funny, you are exactly the type of person this poem is aimed at…the friend who refuses to dance when all these fools are up here on the dance floor. Clearly there is nothing to be embarrassed of!!

      • Well, it’s not actually clear that there’s nothing to be embarrassed of….you’ve not seen me dance! πŸ™‚ Am thinking I would be a whole (very long and scary) verse on my own!

  3. I feel a bit tired out what with reading all this exercise during my break from the tedium of phoning idiots and hanging on the telephone for hours on end…now this! Brilliant stuff by the way.

      • Shirley is a bit a groover from her punk days and love’s to dance – for my part I have never understood the logic of why any one would want to dance…it just seems an illogical thing to want to do to me!

  4. Noticed I wasn’t in your poem. I am the guy who has no rhythm and two left feet. And my partner is the one jumping up and down on one foot you’d think she was doing the Bunny Hop. She’s only responding to my stepping on her foot for the 27th time.

  5. Were you at the wedding I worked tonight? All of these characters were present. You’ve gotta watch out for the ladies wearing dresses with only one sleeve because they’re about to get nasty on the dance floor! The one armed dress is the apparel equivalent of the mullet: business on the left, party on the right!

    • Oh that is too funny. No, I was not at the wedding last night. I know, probably that lady in the one armed dress reminded you of me, but I assure you, it was not. I have just been on countless dance floors. It seems like these always one of all of these characters.

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