Lawd Have Murse-y: An Ode To The Man Purse

As a man’s and woman’s roles
Are mixed up and reversed
Would you like a manly man
Who totes around a murse

Or is it practicality
To fill a certain need
For I’ve seen Snoop Dogg wear one
It prob’ly holds his weed









Would you proudly don one
And with it have no bones
Just call it aΒ satchel
Like Indiana Jones’






Would you wear a large one
Or opt for one that’s puny









Would you rock it like a man
Or sport it just like Clooney









And then what of the women
Does it even up the score
To have your man sporting a purse
Twice as big as yours

As for me, I think it’s great
And surely I would seize
The chance to leave my purse at home
Bitch can hold my keys.

Further musings following my last blog, The Battle. Thanks to Andrew of All Downhill From Here for reminding me that, in these modern times, men often carry purses as well.


70 thoughts on “Lawd Have Murse-y: An Ode To The Man Purse

  1. Purses are practical, and once upon a time only men carried them, because they always carried the money. I thought your last line gave a lot of insight into your position. Let your bitch carry the keys. Yeah. I’m for that.

  2. The thinner phones get, men will either have to opt out of skinny jeans or opt in on personal phone purses, which they will just call icarry-ers or something like that.
    I’m not sure about my stance, it would give me another thing to be paranoid about (security reasons). Plus, I only carry like three things around anyway.

  3. Haha! I’ve got a big red bag that doubles as a diaper bag. My hubby carries it when we’re out. When we get back to the car, he always says, “Oh, we forgot to get me a purse that’s more my color.” Lol

    • Oh yes, don’t even get me started on diaper bags. I am so glad I no longer have to carry those things but when we did, my husband often ‘shouldered’ (heh, heh) the burden. I guess if the bags can be camouflaged as something else, men come around a bit.

  4. No, no, no… No man purse for me. No can do. When I was a kid, we used to call them ‘duffle bags’. That was as close as I got to one….

  5. A purse and a bag! Come to your senses young lady…it’ll be all downhill from here you know…I mean what would the chaps down at the club say when it was my round! I’d never live it down…you’ll be suggesting I put one of those mesh bags on the front of my bicycle next – it may be fine for the vicar meandering about the village but it’s not fine by me!

    • Oh come on Mike, perhaps a flowered basket for the front of the purse?? Or a fanny pack round the waist?? You just need to have an open mind. Besides, they already talk pretty harshly about you. It really couldn’t get much worse than it already is.

      • Shirley regularly calls my wallet a purse which sends me insane. You must never forget my feminine side reveals itself in silver rings (not the type bikers wear) and a myriad of multi-coloured socks coupled with fine French cologne. But a purse – that is a step too far…as for a ‘fanny pack’…well that has an entirely different meaning this side of the pond! Let them talk that’s what I say. I see you’ve rattled a few cages with this one – well done young Marissa!

    • Yes, I actually believe in traveling light myself. I do know several men who’s pockets bulge with all they have in them and I wonder if a change to the man purse might be a good one for them.

  6. Must agree with LMM, you are an overlooked star in this universe. I’m absolutely convinced there is nothing you can’t write verse about and you do it so well every single time!

  7. Thanks for the ‘credit’ Marissa. My views remain entrenched. Real men don’t carry bags any more than they eat quiche. I pal of mine had a ‘Prada’ man bag. He was ribbed mercilessly by one and all but he stuck to his guns. Now I do carry Mrs. Ha’s shoulder bag when it gets too heavy. That is simply a gentlemanly gesture. And usually it is full of useful womany things like spare lenses, SatNav kit, perhaps a camera body, the sort of kit any girl can’t live without. Oh and sometimes there is a dog in there, too.

  8. In high school it was a book bag. When I went to the gym it was my duffel bag. To the office it was my briefcase. I have backpack for summer vacation walks. Yeah, Marissa, I need something to haul my manly crap around in, for sure.

    • I tend to travel light but when I’m out with my family and then my daughter starts giving me everything she finds on the floor, plus parking vouchers, receipts, hubby’s keys..there’s the extra weight!

  9. Ha! I love your comment header, Marissa. The Blood Trail. You would scare me a bit if I didn’t know better….In Taiwan, so many good-looking young men wear bags with such confidence that it’s a total non-issue. I bet we’ll come around to it although I would not use Snoop Dogg and his hairnet as a leading example. George Clooney on the other hand…….?

  10. It’s interesting how gender roles translate easily in other countries. Judging from the responses on this blog, it seems far from a non issue here in America. yes, I said in the poem, for Snoop Dogg I think it’s far beyond fashion or gender. I think he just ran out of pockets for pipes, papers and baggies!!

  11. Very nice Marissa!! I still prefer manly men. BUT, if my guy will carries one and I can leave mine home, I’ll be more than happy. I miss my purse-free days. Carrying diapers (clean and dirty), it truly bothers me!! πŸ™‚

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