A Day To Celebrate

Oh the dreaded 2-14,
A day I’ve come to hate,
Couples have forced gaiety,
Singles bemoan their fate.

Our love measured in cards and gifts,
But I say what’s the use,
And celebrate the 15th when,
The chocolate is reduced.


55 thoughts on “A Day To Celebrate

  1. There’s nothing like seeing that $20.00 box of chocolates you bought recently on sale for $4.00 at CVS. Just makes my heart grow warm..

      • Sadly a very big deal is made of it here. Think of all the trees it takes to make cards that only get binned anyway. I do however give the wife a lingering kiss to mark the occasions yet most years she tells me ‘too much garlic last night’ – sort of kills the romance really!

  2. One of the things I have noticed on my return to Britain is the Valentines Day has become V’s 3 days. All the restaurants are booked up Friday to Sunday. So you may have to wait until the 16th for cheap chocs.

  3. Every day should BE Valentine’s Day. How stupid to designate ONE day for LOVE? Really? *shaking head* All for profit, greed, money. Buy cards, candy, flowers! No thank you. What will I be doing on VD? Staying warm! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. There is nothing like this here. Maybe a few stores have heart shaped chocolate but they are the same price the entire year.
    My favorite time is the week after Easter… Marzipan bars with nougat and chocolate around (yes, I have a fatty soul) πŸ˜€

      • You can find anything heart shaped but there are not many chocolates. Never mind, there is always Easter and I really don’t care if chocolate has a bunny, a Santa or a heart shape… They all will have the same shape after I ate them πŸ˜€

  5. I’ve long told the husband we have no need to celebrate this! Though, for fun, one year we did want a pizza. It happened to be VD and we got a heart shaped one. Coincidence only. And it did not cost extra. And chocolate on sale is a win/win. If EVERYONE waited EVERYONE would win. πŸ™‚

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