Eat Your Heart Out


Over the box so tentative my fingers

Potential lovers some are fair some fleeting

Caramel was fun but too long lingers

Next time I’ll say have an early meeting


Dark chocolate it had my feathers ruffled

I should have known it would never be true

Mama warned me “stay far from those truffles

And opt for the predictable cashew”


Peanut butter is my friend with benefits

He’ll carry me through without a doubt

But with marshmallow I must be delicate

When I tell him it just won’t work out.


My poor forsaken husband’s looking grim

I guess I’ll save the coconut for him

69 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out

  1. Mixed box of chocolates can be tricky! I love the look on my boys faces as they ‘sample’ moms box of chocolates. Sometimes a smile, other times a race to the garbage bucket!

    • Oh yes, they have some amazing combinations in the chocolate boxes these days although rarely a chocolate mint…wonder why?? Anyway, just trying to fit whatever will fit in the poem, definitely not a hater, ha, ha…although I might have to fight you for the dark!!

      • They do! Maybe the mint’s usually out during the holiday season. Hmm maybe that’s why I like it!
        Be sure to wear a helmet when grabbing a dark choco! Lol

  2. Oh, I see you’ve discovered the evil of the dark side, huh? Poor husband….I do feel bad for him….overlooked because of a box of chocolates…..I just hope he isn’t the one that bought it for you! πŸ™‚

  3. The caramel ones are a labor of love but they’re so worth it! Those mixed boxes of chocolates are such a fun little treasure hunt, even when I find myself spitting out all of the cream filled ones. πŸ™‚

    • Yel, just thought I should give them a little personality behind all that mystique. I like the caramel too but then if I want to eat a couple, I’m stuck with the caramel in my mouth!! Such a commitment!

  4. I am digging your ode to the Whitman Sampler, Marissa. Life is like a box of chocolates when a husband is trying to buy the right heart-shaped box for his wife for Valentine’s Day, my friend!

      • I bought two, Ghiradelli and Russell Stover, Marissa, plus tickets for us to see an cappella show, groups graduated from NBC show “The Sing Off” at the Turning Stone showroom. How did I do? Now I have to hope my dear wife Karen doesn’t click on your blog and read my comment. ❀ πŸ™‚

      • Oh, jeez. Hope not!! Well I would say you far outdid my husband who waits for the last minute to grab whatever’s left off the shelves at CVS. Of course, we do kind of have an agreement to keep Valentine’s Day a bit low profile in our house with young kids and all.

    • Oh yes, you are a very lucky woman. I mean, I guess at least in the chocolate department. Personally, I would give a lifetime worth of cashews for all the chocolate in the house, and I like cashews!!

  5. I coulda sworn I commented on this one because I read it the day it came out and remember what i wrote but don’t see it here? I used to pinch all the chocolates from underneath to see what was inside. My mother would have a fit with me because company would come and the box was ruined! I also think it’s funny that we both used the phrase “Eat your heart out” in our posts (I put it on one of the conversational hearts) See once again we’re on the same wave length. Really cute post you got yourself here!!

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