Blue Suede Shoes

One day while in his dressing room,
He realized that no more,
Can he be what is expected,
Or face another tour.

Or sing that song another time,
Or live on in the past,
As each new album that he writes,
will sell worse than the last.

He reflects for a moment,
On complete reinvention,
But dreads the thought of singing pop,
Or worse yet country western.

He puts his feet up on the desk,
And stares up at his shoes,
It’s at that very moment,
He knows what he will do.

Next thing you know he’s getting up,
Quite early in the morn,
He’s traded in his old six string,
For a suit and shoe horn.

Obviously the customers,
Are thoroughly amused,
And demand versions of ‘These Boots’,
And of course ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.

And insist that he perform those,
Gyrations with his hips,
As he goes to the back room to,
Retrieve size 9 wing tips.

He thinks of others that may have,
Fans standing in their seats,
But thanks to him they’re standing with,
Some great shoes on their feet.

And song requests come fewer,
Until they are no more,
As a whole new generation,
Will patronize the store.

On occasion they will ask him,
If he’s someone that they know,
But he just smiles back and says,
“Oh no, I don’t think so.”

Then assures them he is no one,
They would ever recognize,
So they ask for that boot in blue,
And he just says “What size?”

This poem was inspired by the scene in Spinal Tap where Nigel reflects on how he would have been a shoe salesman if not a rock star. Unfortunately, I could not find any footage of that scene. Please enjoy some other choice scenes from the movie!

61 thoughts on “Blue Suede Shoes

  1. I often put my feet up on the desk and stare up at my shoes (true that is) – you see I have a habit of putting them on the wrong feet. Well you nailed it again with this one young Marissa; I liked the thread of sorrow for what is lost yet not entirely admitted – clever writing.

    • Thanks Mike! You know, reading your comment brings on an idea for an alternate ending. Suppose after the verse where I talk about him having a revelation after looking at his shoes I write:

      And it’s at this time he realizes
      That his shoes made of leather
      Are actually on the wrong feet
      There that’s so much better
      And it’s at that time her knows
      This is what bothered him along
      And picks up his guitar and writes
      A freakin’ huge hit song


      • Good but ‘silly’ – the original is a metaphor of sorts as to the trials and tribulations of age. As I said ‘clever’ indeed. Mind that little bit of lunacy about the feet by way of your alternative makes a lot of sense to me…George get your guitar I have a lyric for you son!

      • Silly!!! Why I never…or maybe just once or twice…but really Mike! That was a heart felt verse written very hastily especially for you! Well, you’ll just have to let me know if you and your guitar playing son can top that!

      • ‘Silly’ is one of my ‘good’ words – not as in daft! If the whole world were ‘silly’ it would be a much better place. George has just got back from work (helping construct a sound proof studio for an internet TV station) covered in the dust of fibre glass and – the swine – showed little interest in putting your verse to song, indeed suggesting I go forth and multiply. A little unfair I thought!

    • Oh yeah, I showed it to my son a few years ago and I think a lot of it was lost on him but sometimes he just randomly starts talking about a scene from the movie like he has new found appreciation for it…like it’s sinking in over time.

  2. Never saw Spinal Tap and was feeling hopelessly out-of-touch AGAIN, but then remembered Christopher Guest was involved in that movie and HE is married to Jamie Lee Curtis – my idol and gray hair muse – so I feel a smidge better. OK, Spinal Tap and The Big Lebowski added to my list, sheesh, you’re keeping me on my toes!

  3. Reminds me of the early days when the Beatles were touring America. Somebody asked Ringo what he planned on doing when the popularity went away. Ringo, thinking it would be gone in a year or two, responded, “Oh, I’ll open up a hair styling salon.”

  4. Love your writing and psychoanalysis, but I’ve never seen or heard of “This is Spinal Tap.” Reading briefly about this Nigel character, I discovered his appreciation for GUMBY! :O I haven’t thought of Gumby in so long.

  5. I think I am one of the few people who has never seen that movie! It’s funny to think about our ‘second choice’ careers sometimes and how different our lives would be if they were what we had done instead. I’ll think of your poem next time I’m in the shoe store!

  6. I’ve never seen this movie. It’s a movie, right? Better add it to my list! If I can squeeze it in between viewings of Max Steel and My Little Pony!!! Haha! Can’t really do much now. I’m standing in the train. It’s too full!

    • I know what you mean. My television is ruled by my children too! I always have these great movies recommended to me and I have to tell people that it all depends on whether my kids will enjoy them.

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