Cover Band Man

Step down old man, step down, step down,
Cause there’s a fresh face here in town,
He’s cool, he’s hot, he’s now, he’s new,
He does your schtick better than you.

He tours the world he’s got it made,
I hear he’s even getting laid,
By a whole group of hot, young chicks,
Who come while looking at your pics.

They wonder if you’re still alive,
He’s running through your life’s archive,
It doesn’t take long to discover,
That the music this guy covers,
Clearly wins popular vote,
As the best stuff you ever wrote.

And now it is so clear to see,
You’re not the man you used to be,
You can’t compete, you’ll only loose,
A cover band man fills your shoes.

Who will never know the hindrances,
Drama or creative differences,
Or have everyone sing the tune,
Of crap you wrote in your bedroom.

But play the verses to the letter,
Just like you and sometimes better,
And you wish you had only knew,
How fun it could be to be you.

Inspired by on online conversation I had with Mark Bialczak,


A Poem ‘Bout You

I thought I’d write a poem ’bout you,
And how you hurt me so,
I’d bear my heart right on my sleeve,
For all the world to know.

And just so I could conjure up,
All of that hurt and rage,
I thought I would just take a peek,
At your Facebook page.

And as I started scrolling through,
It all hit me again,
The lies and the indignity…
My God your friends with Jen?!

I haven’t talked to her in years!
I see she’s friends with Larry,
Oh my, he’s lost a ton of weight,
Did you know Dan got married?

Looks like Steph got a nose job and,
Tina got a new look,
And David just had a baby,
And Steve is a fry cook.

Which reminds me of that diner,
Did you see the reviews?
I should go look up their web site,
To check out the menu.

There’s some links on their web page which,
Had me further derailed,
Did you know that Macy’s was,
Having a two day sale?

I thought I’d write a poem ’bout you,
How you played with my head,
I thought I’d write a poem ’bout you,
Think I’ll go shopping instead.


Crawling Through The Wreckage

Christmas is over,
New Years is done,
A bleak cold landscape,
As we shoulder on.

Temperatures plummet,
On skies that are grey,
We attempt to look forward,
To Valentine’s Day.

My inspiration,
Is brought to a halt,
As yellow and black snow,
Is melted by salt.

But as we look forward,
Let’s not rehash,
A holiday better off,
Left in the past.

Or just out of laziness,
End up that guy,
Who still has decorations,
Left up in July.

Please no Christmas carols,
I tire of stanzas,
Reveling in good cheer,
And Rudolph and Santa.

Throw out your trees,
Pine needle dispersal,
Store seasonal sweaters,
Update those commercials.

With each passing day,
The new season gets closer,
So in the meantime,
Be glad that it’s over.