Roommate Wanted!!

I’m looking for a roommate,
Not looking for a friend,
I can’t find anybody,
I’m reaching my wit’s end.

The last roommate I had,
I didn’t see too often,
She liked to hang upside down,
And sleep in a coffin.

The one I had before that,
She liked to stay up late,
And tell me the insipid,
Details of her dates.

And one had 90 cats,
And one that never cleaned,
And one that never paid the rent,
And one was downright mean.

I’m looking for a roommate,
Is it too much to assume,
There are any normal people,
Looking for a room.


76 thoughts on “Roommate Wanted!!

  1. HaHa that was great. I once had a roommate that helped himself to my food. Then one day he asked if he could pay less rent if he got his own groceries cuz he didn’t really like my food choices… gah!

  2. This was delightful! I’m actually printing and bringing it to my college-aged daughter later today. She’s hunting for a roommate right now!
    I’m so sorry that I keep missing your posts…I don’t know what happened. I’m going to fix that right now. I love seeing your smiling face and appreciate that you read my ramblings.
    Happy Friday!! Michelle

  3. Guess that leaves me out. Cause there definitely is not anything normal about me. Now I was called Abby Normal once. I told them my name was not Abby. Think they had me confused with Abby So Lutely, Normal’s sister.

  4. Hanging upside down and sleeping in a coffin sounds thoroughly reasonable to me. What is unusual about that? Doesn’t everybody? Tsk. Some people are picky.

  5. Very cute – – I have been going to writer’s conferences and hesitate over the registration forms when they ask if I want to share a room. It’s enough having to share my mind with multiple personalities. I can see this being put on Craig’s list and the responses you’d get, in rhyme of course!

    • Yes, I know, the fear of sharing a room for a few nights much less as a semi-permanent situation. And as for the rhyming Craigs List, responses in rhyme?? Now those people would definitely not be normal…heh, heh!

  6. Actually, I think this would be a great ad for a roommate….post it as is and see what you get. Might make a most interesting week (of course buy a burner phone first so you can be done with all the weird responses when you’re ready!)

  7. Oh man, I could really get started on this one! So much so, that I might just have to turn the inspiration in to an upcoming post. My wheels are spinning right now. πŸ™‚

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