The Pepper and The Gourd: A Love Story

Said the pepper to the gourd,
“I’ll throw myself upon the sword,
To attest to our loving,
In a baked dish in the oven.”

Said the gourd to the pepper,
“Fitting we should die together,
For our time until we’re old,
In a stew or casserole.”

But their love was not to be,
For it extremely unlikely,
To grant the dear lovers their wish,
And end up baked in the same dish.

So the gourd would fly the coop,
And end up in a tasty soup,
Where he sought out consolation,
With all sorts of vegetation.

And in time wouldn’t you know,
He hooked up with a potato,
They swore themselves in love forever,
And rarely thought about the pepper.

Who was never baked, grilled or fried,
Forsaken ’til the day he died,
Some say it was a broken heart,
But I say it was mold and rot.


63 thoughts on “The Pepper and The Gourd: A Love Story

  1. I’ve seen many a moldy pepper trying to hide at the rear of my refrigerator. Such a sad ending for such a tasty soul….

  2. In my house, the pepper would have been invited out well before the gourd, but neither would have been forsaken completely πŸ™‚

    You never cease to impress me with the random directions you head in. I never know what to expect … which makes your posts a special treat πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, Marissa, this is SO good! How could you do that to that lonely pepper? Do you have no shame? Tee hee …. I really enjoyed this one!! You made me laugh so hard!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. A true original to rival anything Doctor Suess wrote. Never has there been a better poem about vegetables in love. Yeah, I know my comment didn’t rhyme. It’s just a sincere compliment. I’m trying something new.

    • Please don’t feel obligated to rhyme. I know it’s difficult. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated…although I do kind of wonder if this one isn’t a bit backwards. I mean, how many poems are there about vegetables in love anyway?

  5. I’m feeling a bit of guilt for all of the vegetation I’ve bought or grown over the years and ended up letting rot before cooking together with it’s meant to be partner for life. 😦

  6. And now she’s in the kitchen working her verse magic there……I always knew those gourds were fair-weather friends……

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