A Day In The Life

“Reporting to Commander 4,”
“Borlax what are you seeing?”
“My radar scanner here on Earth,
Detects a Human Being.

She looks onto a giant screen,
As if she is obsessed,
A smaller one’s on the table where,
She does something called Text.

Stealthily I creep behind,
To have a better look,
She’s doing something called Blogging,
And she’s staring at Facebook.

And it seems as if the Humans,
Use this medium to share,
Insipid details of their lives,
While others pretend to care.

She jabs at her Texting Machine,
As quietly I lurk,
And speaks into it “Honey I’m
just now leaving from work.”

She gets into a vehicle,
And from what I can surmise,
It’s like one of our spaceships,
But it doesn’t even fly.

She reaches her destination,
Must be her Living Quarters,
To 2 simian like creatures,
She calls Son and Daughter.

Then she goes into the kitchen,
And much to my dismay,
Pulls out a box with processed bits,
Sitting on a plastic tray.

It is placed in a contraption,
Until she hears a bell,
It seems these processed bits are now,
Heated but not too well.

The Humans sit at a table,
They consume the Food intently,
I assume this is nourishment,
Which they enjoy immensely.

Then to another giant screen,
The Humans congregate,
And slip into what appears to be,
A vegetative state.

While they look at Tiny Humans,
Who do various things,
So I guess the Tiny Human’s lives,
Are far more interesting.

Although to me it all seems trite,
That they are so obsessed,
(Though I would not mind finding out,
What happens to Walter next.)

They sit around for quite some time,
Then finally go to sleep,
And so it seems that my study,
Of Humans is complete.

So now I report to Starboard,
On my hi tech transmitter,
And post it on The Twitter.”


57 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Well you have rather nailed this one – the analysis and critical destruction of the merits of the nuclear family in terms of functionality, diet (even subliminally touching upon gluttony), habits – in short the lot. This is one for the sociologists among us!

  2. What a great perspective….human beings from the outside. Wonderful verse as usual and perhaps even a bit of a lesson to us in this one??? πŸ™‚

  3. The timing on this one couldn’t be more brilliant! This morning at the gym I watched a woman on a treadmill going exceedingly slow … and spent the entire 15 minutes I was in this area on her smartphone. Really?!! What’s the point? Did she really think she was getting a workout?!!!

    Thank you … I feel so much better now that I have that off my chest …

    As usual, Marissa, a brilliant piece of writing. I love your imagination πŸ™‚

    • Well, of course, now she can spend the rest of the day on her cell phone telling her friends about the intense 15 minute workout she had this morning. Oh, these people drive me crazy too!! Glad the poem could serve as an outlet.

      • I see them all the time … they apply makeup and do their hair “just right” before they go out to do their ‘workout’. They then come back 30-45 minutes later without any evidence that they have broken a sweat.

        … ok, I’m good now. This time I really am. Not sure why I even care enough to vent πŸ˜‰

  4. Kind of spacey, but their viewpoint isn’t entirely alien to me, Marissa. Great poem! Love it. πŸ™‚ It reminds me of the old Rod Serling Twilight Zone space invader episode in which the aliens’ manual How to Serve Humans wasn’t the how-to all us dumb humans thought it was. No, it was a cookbook. No intelligent life, indeed.

  5. LOVE this, Marissa. You captured how so many of us live, and to me it is a sad state of affairs. Machines seem to run our lives. I really enjoyed this especially the twist at the end. LOL Love, Amy

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