Love For Sale

One ugly argyle sweater,
That he wore day and night,
He thought he was a hipster’s dream,
I couldn’t stand the sight.

One ‘I Love My Boyfriend’ T-shirt,
For he hadn’t a clue,
As proven in this unused pair,
Of underwear for two.

One beat up leather wallet,
I’m looking to discard,
Complete with personal I.D.,
And his credit card.

One cubic zirconia ring,
At which I was enraged,
He said it was for me to show,
We were pre pre-engaged.

One double sided picture frame,
Worn but not too bad,
Which held a picture of us both,
Opposite his mom and dad.

One lock set which was removed from,
The front door of my dwelling,
Ensuring he can not retrieve,
His things before I sell them.


39 thoughts on “Love For Sale

  1. It’s not the dog that bites it’s love that sucks. Most of the time a lock can keep them out it’s those memories the stick worst then that rusty safety pin. To sale or to trash, now that a question which I now nothing about. Trust me when I say I’ve been there more then I wish to count for where I stand which is shaky, I would just move and forget you ever thought you were in love with him.
    Signed The Good ,The Bad,The Misunderstood

  2. This one made me laugh and remember the bunch of crap I kept for years (and I even think there is a small box im my mom’s house). I really liked that guy πŸ™‚

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