Cheap Plastic Pens

One day my words will dry up,
Like a cheap plastic pen,
Will I proceed to attempt,
To write as I do then?

And will you still find my words,
Marginally pretty,
Comment or give it a like,
Simply out of pity?

Perhaps just as a habit,
I’ll write until I drop,
And no one will be kind enough,
To say it’s time to stop.

Maybe hoping to recreate,
Genius of days before,
Or craving human contact,
Or maybe I’m just bored.

Cranking out a hackneyed thought,
A hamster on a wheel,
And could it really be so far,
From how Mick Jagger feels.


60 thoughts on “Cheap Plastic Pens

  1. Never stop the droll even just for yourself, you keep your mind sharp,the creative juices flowing, it’s always best not to look at the end results better to see it for just what is for yourself, ah advice again oooops

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. You have a natural humor story telling style that is really difficult for many writers, let alone trying to turn it into poetry! You are very talented, for this reason your well will always run-over.

  3. I love the Jagger reference, Marissa! The Stones haven’t been quite the same since Mick Taylor left the band. Keep on writing! If the pen dries out, buy another. πŸ˜€

  4. I would never say stop. I doubt the words will ever be dry. And even if they were….some people like dry things. It would be a new audience to add to your hordes of word appreciators.

  5. Not only do I wonder how Mick feels. I wonder how they put Keith back together so that he can go out on stage and play so well. On top of this, I’ve wondered how much WD40 it taks to get Paul McCartney moving.

  6. Now Marissa — f you ever really do drop or stop, just call out, “start me up” and your Followers will help cuz we don’t like “waiting on a friend” and we “can’t get no satisfaction” without you. I know this probably is not the comment you desire, but “you can’t always get what you want.” πŸ˜‰ And your poems ARE SUCH FUN FOR ME!!

  7. If anyone says ‘it’s time to stop’ just ignore them and write a poem about the experience : )

    I like the image you used, whenever I see it (my partner has it as one of many art works that come up on his screen saver) it makes me laugh- such a melodramatic pose! Fits well with your poem.

  8. When you no longer feel inspired to write your poems, I’m confident your creative spirit will find a way to shine out in another way. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy your rhyming fun πŸ™‚

  9. First of, I enjoyed what everyone said. Well, I love poetry and have great respect for any poet and the work, so great work and beautiful pen there.

  10. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from your blog. I’m always inspired by your posts (even if you think they’re not your best). You were born to write. That’s just a fact.

  11. Very poignant thought. I suppose every activity has a point at which people ought to stop but we aren’t likely to know when we are there without the kindness of others. My mom is dealing with her mother right now and she keeps saying stuff to the effect of “Please hit me upside the head if I start acting like this.” I think we all want to know when it’s not working anymore so we don’t make fools of ourselves but we don’t want to be the person telling someone else. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, pretty much. Well, certainly there is no one telling Mick Jagger it’s time to stop. Most likely because he has such an archive of great material that he will be worth a ton of money for years to come no matter what he does. Not many of use can be so lucky, but I could almost bet that his newer albums don’t sell as well as his older ones.

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