A Poem ‘Bout You

I thought I’d write a poem ’bout you,
And how you hurt me so,
I’d bear my heart right on my sleeve,
For all the world to know.

And just so I could conjure up,
All of that hurt and rage,
I thought I would just take a peek,
At your Facebook page.

And as I started scrolling through,
It all hit me again,
The lies and the indignity…
My God your friends with Jen?!

I haven’t talked to her in years!
I see she’s friends with Larry,
Oh my, he’s lost a ton of weight,
Did you know Dan got married?

Looks like Steph got a nose job and,
Tina got a new look,
And David just had a baby,
And Steve is a fry cook.

Which reminds me of that diner,
Did you see the reviews?
I should go look up their web site,
To check out the menu.

There’s some links on their web page which,
Had me further derailed,
Did you know that Macy’s was,
Having a two day sale?

I thought I’d write a poem ’bout you,
How you played with my head,
I thought I’d write a poem ’bout you,
Think I’ll go shopping instead.



62 thoughts on “A Poem ‘Bout You

  1. Love sucks no matter what you know or can imagine, to much information can kill.you, just as to little can fool you. As always thank for stopping by and thank for picking up the stuff I needed at the store this cold is still.kicking me in the butt.

  2. When I first saw the title, I thought the poem was about me. Then I read that second line and I knew it was not me. I was curious though. You said David had a baby. That’s a pretty neat trick if he pulled that one off. I googled it and I you tubed it and I couldn’t find any reference to David giving birth. One final thing I just have to know. Was it a girl or was it a boy?

  3. I rarely go on FB because cute baby photos are cute until they’re not. When they’re not, I get sucked in to “This person did this, and you’ll never believe what happened next” links. I’m glad I’m not alone in this, and I’m glad there’s someone out there who can articulate the annoyance as well as you :).

    • Thanks! Yes, I really don’t get it either. I mean, at first it’s nice being in touch with certain people but then I think you just lose interest after a while and it’s just people posting and no one really cares.

  4. Another FB-inspired post! And you’re thinking of leaving it?! Haha! I don’t blame you. As the new year chimed in, I seriously thought about deleting the account. Then again, I did not. I’ll just give it a rest. Then I’ll be looking like this lady in the pic after a few months and the cycle starts again.

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