Crawling Through The Wreckage

Christmas is over,
New Years is done,
A bleak cold landscape,
As we shoulder on.

Temperatures plummet,
On skies that are grey,
We attempt to look forward,
To Valentine’s Day.

My inspiration,
Is brought to a halt,
As yellow and black snow,
Is melted by salt.

But as we look forward,
Let’s not rehash,
A holiday better off,
Left in the past.

Or just out of laziness,
End up that guy,
Who still has decorations,
Left up in July.

Please no Christmas carols,
I tire of stanzas,
Reveling in good cheer,
And Rudolph and Santa.

Throw out your trees,
Pine needle dispersal,
Store seasonal sweaters,
Update those commercials.

With each passing day,
The new season gets closer,
So in the meantime,
Be glad that it’s over.



37 thoughts on “Crawling Through The Wreckage

    • Oh yes, Valentine’s Day is just another manufactured holiday seemingly designed with the goal of making people spend money! As far as the weather, yes, I’m sure it is colder there than here although, Southern California is seeing some surprisingly cold temps this season.

  1. We have a neighbor that leaves up their external lights all year long. Otherwise, their home is very well kept, which makes that decision somewhat curious. At least they never got into the inflatable Christmas Decorations. I couldn’t stand seeing Santa in July. πŸ˜€

  2. Every year, I threaten to raid the porches of those who insist on leaving their pumpkins out (well past the new year). Today when I was walking my dog, I spied a sad-o-lantern on a third story balcony. It set my eye to twitching. On a similar note: the $1 store has Valentines and Easter decorations out already. My other eye is beginning to twitch :).

  3. I always look forward to them, but I’m always glad to have the holidays done and over too. Another excellent verse from you and again on a perspective not often commented upon!

  4. πŸ˜† I almost became that guy this year. Thought seriously for about five seconds of just leaving the stuff up. I could then be that crazy old lady down the street that all the kids point at and giggle. I’m eccentric enough to enjoy that. πŸ˜›

    • I actually don’t mind the eccentricity behind that. It could work for you. Just leave a sign that says something like ‘Yes, I know Christmas was 4 months ago…I’m just terribly eccentric!”

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