Silver Linings

When the temperature plummets to the nth degree,
And you’re sure there must be somewhere better to be,
When you’re crammed in a club that’s dark and way too loud,
And you’re fighting off a drunk bridge and tunnel crowd,
When looking back, the highlight of your night so far,
Was talking to that stranger you met by the bar,
Though admittedly he’s not what you’d call pretty,
At least he made you laugh and was somewhat witty,
A midnight kiss in the cards? You think what the hell!,
Till across the room you see, he’s kissing someone else.

When you find yourself deep in a conversation,
With a college girl who flew in on vacation,
When you find yourself holed up in a bathroom somewhere,
She’s throwing up her guts as you’re holding her hair,
It’s clear her affection for you is quite telling,
You’re declared her best friend amidst the expelling.

When you’re back on the streets, finally see your friends,
Through the window of a pub down at the north end,
You smile with happiness as you start to think,
How nice it would be just to stop in for a drink,
The bouncer informs you this comes with the condition,
Of coughing up the 50 bucks for admission.

When 5 AM finds you in a place no finer,
Than at the dank, depressing, greasy spoon diner,
Where you come stumbling in with a sloppy gait,
Cause at some point you lost your heel in a sewer grate,
You reflect on a night you think never again, You,
order the most fattening thing on the menu,
And your makeup is running and your breath is sour,
Another resolution shot to hell in 5 hours,
And you raise a coffee cup to silently cheer,
How it’s already so much better than last year.


50 thoughts on “Silver Linings

    • Oh, I know what you mean. For years, as a single girl I would always go out looking for the best thing to do on NYE, and it was always disappointing. Now I am so glad to be able to spend New Years at home with my family.

  1. Thank goodness I’ve had short hair since forever! I barf alone. Still, reminiscent of too many youthful new years’ eves. How long does it take you to write one of your witty poems? I love them, by the way, in case I’ve never said so.

  2. I don’t know how you keep coming up with these amazing rhymes time after time. Happy New Years to you and your family. I’ve enjoyed being blog friends over the past year and I look forward to another year of your hilarious and brilliant posts.

  3. But don’t take an uber or you’ll be broke
    Their seven times their regular charge ain’t no joke
    If you do, you will have more than a hangover
    From the debt collector you’ll have to take cover.
    Cause your credit card will be maxed
    And you’ll be fishing for cash in every cranny and crack.
    What the hey, it’s only dough
    So don’t cry over this little woe
    2015 will have so much more on the go.
    Happy New Year and here’s something to remember
    Amateurs drunks are out there, ready to knock you off your kister.

  4. Cheers Marissa! That image you found pretty much sums it up. You can not pay me to go out on NYE, but I get a pretty good view of the revelry from my downtown apartment. The raccoon eyes on girls without coats, who are stumbling in their glittery stilettos, always makes me appreciate not being in my 20’s!

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